Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24, 2016

Just An Ordinary Day
March 24,2016

Today I made it to the office by about 9:30.  For me, that is pretty good.  I balanced my check book, did a little filing, and looked up some old information for Ron.  I picked up some lunch and started working on a bank deposit.  Those things and waiting on some customers about summed up my day.

Ordinarily I don't like to discuss politics with strangers, but yesterday a man asked me who I was going to vote for.  We ended up talking a long time about the election situation and the mess in the country in general.  The man had some very intelligent answers, but one or two things just did not line up with the rest.  It made me think how many people want things "both ways".  They basically want conservative government, but still want to allow abortions or other "socially" accepted sins.  He liked that we have Obamacare, but was upset that his adult children were paying twice as much for insurance now as they did a couple of years ago.

Years ago, our youngest son had heard some cute one minute skits on a Christian radio station.  He asked me to see if I could get copies of the scripts.  I was able to track them down and the one that I still remember the best sounded like a TV sales pitch for The Erasable Bible.  In the dialog, the salesman was offering a Bible where you could erase any section that you didn't agree with; any of the things you didn't want to be told to do or not do.  It was a cute, but very convicting monologue. Just this past week, someone posted a sign on Facebook listing the Ten Commandments, saying that they are not multiple choice. 

At the office, I never know what discussions will come up with the customers.  We  have an old poster up in the office from when our church dedicated our new auditorium years ago.  While people wait for their turn to be waited on, they often look around and spot that poster and bring it up in discussion.  They may ask, "Oh, is that your church?" or  "A few weeks ago I drove by that church and saw all sorts of activities out front: bounce houses, water slides, face painting...  What was going on?"  I am amazed how often that poster that has been up for years, starts conversations.

After work, I came home and Ron went to check on his mother.  She continues to make progress.  Her son-in-law (her daughter's husband), who had surgery in Dallas a couple of weeks ago is still not recovering well from his cancer surgery.   He is unable to keep any food down.

I slept for a couple of hours when I got home.  Then woke up and did a few chores.  Our oldest son and his wife arrived home this evening from their trip to San Antonio.  They met the Texas Governor on their way home and had him sign their copy of his book.  What a treat!  Our oldest grandson had recently posted a photo of himself and the governor.  Our Texas Governor does get out and about.


  1. He will be in McAllen tomorrow signing books too I think I saw earlier. So glad you all got together to visit. I so miss that with my family. We are so scattered, from California to Florida. I still enjoy the blogs. I have sent several people to them if they are considering the implant. Maybe one day we will meet up again. They lady who you bought quilting stuff from in Harlingen is now playing cards with us on Friday....small world. Hands together for you & Ron!!!

    1. At lunch my daughter-in-law told me about the Mc
      Allen visit tomorrow. It would be extra hard gathering family from California to Florida. Hard enough with 3 in TX and one in New Mexico. So sorry the quilt shop closed. I miss it. Glad the former owner is able to get out and enjoy retirement.