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May 7, 2016

The First of Our Grandchildren Graduated!
May 7, 2016

The church were the ceremony was held.

How can we be old enough to have grandchildren graduating from high school?  Somehow it happened!  Seems like we skipped a few years in there.  Maybe it is just my failing memory.  What an exciting time for all of us to see this young man who turned 18 a few days ago, graduating in his cap and gown.
Our happy senior
The day started with Ron getting me up as he left to go check on his mom at the hospital.  I got up and before long I was outside working in the yard for about 30 minutes.  There were plants to water, ponds to top off, birdbaths to fill and all the feeders needed filling.  During the morning I had at least 2 Baltimore Orioles visiting the oranges I had put out.
One of the orioles at home
When I finished in the yard, I came in the house and had breakfast and read for a bit before taking  my shower to get ready to go to McAllen for graduation.  As I have mentioned, our daughter-in-law home schools all of their school age children.  This grandson has been a good student, making good grades, but sometimes procrastinating on projects and work.  The last couple of months I think he could see the light at the end of the tunnel and buckled down on the work.
The 11 seniors being recognized Saturday.
Ron got home and he got ready to go to the graduation since his mom has continued to improve each day.  He had thought earlier in the week he might have to miss the graduation, but he felt things were going well and he could be away for the afternoon.  We picked up my mom about 12:00 and headed to McAllen.  The graduation was in a church and the group was made up of 11 home school seniors who wanted to participate in the group graduation. 
The proud parents
At first when they moved to McAllen, our grandson wasn't sure he wanted the group thing since he had always expected it would be just his graduation.  After he got to know the other seniors in the group, he  began to be excited about it.  Our daughter-in-law had been on a committee for the reception and has enjoyed getting to know the other home school moms.
The delighted graduate
We got there in time for me to get some group photos of the seniors before the ceremony.  The ceremony was unique in that the diplomas were presented to the students by their parents since they were the ones confirming that the seniors had completed their work.  Sadly, that church did not have the special system that our church so that I was not able to hear most of the things said.
Our grandson's turn to receive his diploma from his father
It was an emotional time for all involved.  Our son presented the diploma and his wife was glad he was the one speaking because she was not sure there were enough Kleenex on hand to meet her needs if she tried to do it.
Part of his table
The ceremony was followed by a lovely reception.  Each student had their own display table to show items that have meant a lot to them during the school years.  They stayed near their table for much of the reception sharing information about their interests and activities.  The activities varied: scouting, music, ballet, rodeo riding and raising livestock.  Each table was as unique as each student.

The baby of the family.  Far too soon, she will be the one graduating
It was after 6:00 when we left to head home.  We took Mom home and then Ron brought me home before going to the hospital to check on his mother.  She was still improving and was eager to hear about the graduation.  Ron got home about 9:30.
To God be the glory!

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