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May 22, 2016

Sleeping Late in San Antonio
May 22, 2016

Stephen's wife going through a box of dishes for their new kitchen remodel.
Those of us at the hotel slept late. Saturday had been a great day, but the afternoon had been hot and humid.  We were all drained.  Then we did stay up late.  It had been a wonderful day.  Since there is a Bill Miller's Bar-B-Q in front of the hotel, after Stephen and his wife headed home to Dallas, several of us decided to walk over there for breakfast tacos.  When we got there, much to our surprise, we ran into Stephen and his wife!  They had decided as they were about to get on the freeway, that it would be easier to eat breakfast there than on the road.  So we got another meal with them.
More dishes for the new, almost finished kitchen
When Dave and his family got out of church, they called and we all met again at the Bar-B-Q place to have lunch.  It was great food and another wonderful time of visiting.  Soon Ron and I returned to our room and started loading the car.  Dave stayed a while.  His wife took the kids home.  Bob and his wife were staying for another night and were able to have supper with Dave's family.  It was probably about 3:00 before we left to come home.
An early Father's Day coffee cup for Ron
We are so proud of all our sons and their families.  Each is unique, but alike in their love for the Lord and for each other.  Each couple and family unit is precious to us.  It is hard to believe there will be two high school graduations this year: our grandson in McAllen and our grandson in San Antonio (Dave and Diana's nephew).  Where have the years gone?  These times together seem to get more special each time.
Ron and me with our youngest son and his wife.
Our trip home was quiet.  I read and Ron listened to books on CDs or other recorded things.  I slept some. As for my hearing, things went very well.  I used the mini mic several times.  None of the places we ate were extremely loud.  The place on the River Walk was very quiet. 

Our hotel was across the side street from an ambulance/fire station.  I was afraid that would be a problem.  At night I never heard a thing from them.  (Of course I did not have on my sound processor.)  I asked Ron Sunday morning if he heard any ambulances during the night and he said, "yes, seven."  My world is very quiet at night once I take off the sound processor.

We got home about 8:15, unloaded the car and relaxed.  What a wonderful weekend we had!

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