Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016

5 Children + 4 Cats + 3 Dogs + 
2 Grandparents + 1 Horse =
A Delightful Weekend with
 Some of the Grandchildren
May 2, 2016

Our middle granddaughter with her favorite puppy.
If you wonder where my blog postings have been, Ron and I have been at our son's home up the valley taking care of 5 of their 7 children.  They took two with them to celebrate Barbara's father's birthday and their oldest son's birthday.  I went up Thursday evening and Ron came up Friday evening. 
Paper doll playtime.

Friday those going out of town left early in the morning.  The rest of us had a quiet morning.  The girls were cutting out paper dolls and playing with their younger brother with Legos.  I napped on the couch some while they played in the same room where I was.  I had started out the weekend tired.
Basketball practice.  
Our granddaughter in the red shorts and blue shirt.
In the afternoon, the oldest of the girls had basketball practice and so I loaded up the kids for that.  I got lost trying to find the practice site in a part of town I had never been to, but we finally made it.  The other kids and I sat in the highest row of the bleachers and watched the practice.  The other children had also taken some things to play with while they waited. 
Basketball practice with the coach looking over her shoulder.
They have three new puppies, but think they will only keep two of them.  The children are to each spend puppy time every day playing in the yard playing with the puppies.  These puppies are about 2 months old and delight in nibbling on each other and the kids.  I spent time with the youngest child convincing her to tell the dogs "No" and to be firm with them.  She had not been enjoying them because of their active antics.  By Sunday they were doing better and she had a good time with them. 
Trying to teach the puppies not to jump.
There were meals to prepare for the children;  I needed to see that all the animals got fed regularly.  The children were willing to do it, they just sometimes needed reminders.  The horse is out in the field behind the house and usually stays out of sight, so that was the chore that most often needed the reminders.
My car got a good washing.  
It has not been so clean in a long time.
Saturday morning Ron took the oldest of the boys who was home, to their church for a class he is taking.  The class was from 8:30 until noon.  Then at 1:00 there was a youth car wash, so Ron took the oldest girl for that and took lunch to the grandson who had been in class all morning.  Then they had to both be picked up at 3:00. 
 Oldest granddaughter sewing.
After they got home, I took the two youngest girls shopping to get some sewing supplies and some grocery items.  It was 100 degrees Saturday afternoon while we were out shopping and there was no breeze.  It was miserably hot!  We got our shopping done.  Then it was time to fix supper. 
Pillow made by middle granddaughter
I had taken a couple of my sewing machines and we set them up in the dining room along with the one the girls have.  There were times over the weekend that we had all three machines going at once, but mostly the two girls sewed and I helped.  They made several things and loved being able to spread things all across the dining table.
Zinnia planting team.
Sunday we all went to Sunday School and church.  It is amazing how much we are getting to know the people in their church.  They are friendly and make us feel very welcome.  After church we went back to the house and I fixed lunch and the kids played until it was ready.  The afternoon was relaxing.  Ron and the youngest of the boys who was home, planted zinnia seeds in several locations.  They have great soil and lots of sunshine so I am hoping they can remember to water the seeds and they should have a great crop of flowers soon.
Same team building a model airplane
At about 4:15 Ron took the oldest of the boys at home to choir practice at the church and he stayed for the service, but the rest of us did not go.  Ron picked him up after church and brought him back to the house and then headed back to our home so he could be at work Monday morning.
One of the puppies.
I did not leave until this (Monday) morning since their parents were not getting home until after midnight.  I got up, got ready, and headed home about 9:30.  In addition to the activities mentioned, the children had piano to practice, home schooling homework to complete, and daily chores besides the animal care.
Another of the puppies
There were baths to take, hair to wash, dishes to do, a little laundry to do, always Legos to pick up, and trips up and down the stairs.  I got a workout without having to pay a gym for it.  It was a good weekend and it is fun to see the children and to have time with each one.
The lovely backyard.
Back in town Monday, I had a doctor's appointment right after lunch to get the results of the blood work done last week.  All of it was fine except the thyroid.  The doctor wanted me to contact my thyroid doctor since my next appointment there is not until late fall.  So I called them and then faxed the blood report to them and they are to call back it the doctor wants to see me before the next regular appointment.  All the other portions of the report were great.  The thyroid report in December was fine, so we will see what has changed.
Baltimore oriole at Mom's this afternoon
After work Ron went to his mom's and I went to mine.  At Mom's house there was an oriole visiting one of her planters.  We could not figure out why he kept landing there and after looking at the photos, I think the housekeeper had put an orange in there for him.  I spent a little time in the yard when I got home.  That reminds me, on Sunday afternoon Ron and the kids spotted a hawk in the elm tree and I got some photos.  I could only get head shots because he was behind a large limb.  The middle granddaughter got some great shots of him just walking out in the yard close to the tree. 
Harris' Hawk

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