Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 17, 2016

April Showers Bring May Flowers
May 17, 2016

One of my favorite hibiscus plants

This morning when I checked the weather, it seemed that our predicted heat index was to be 105.  That is not the actual temperature, but the "feel like" temperature.  It was very warm by late afternoon.  I am thankful that my job is indoors and not out in the heat every day.

I spent a little time in the yard filling the ponds and feeders.  There are a bunch of baby sparrows out of the nests, probably for the first time.  They sit on a branch trying to maintain their balance by flapping their tiny wings while one of the parents brings them food from the feeder.  So cute to watch them.
 Cluster of blooms on Royal Poinciana Tree
I got up a little early.  Ron had a scheduled job mid-morning, so I needed to be at the shop on time so he could go.  (on time for me is about 10:00)  I worked on gathering trash and Ron took a couple of loads to the dumpster.  Both of us are trying to eliminate excess papers.  It is a never ending job.
Royal Poinciana Tree
It seemed that the majority of customers who came in today did so while he was out on his job.  He had one special order on the counter for a customer to pick up but forgot to tell me how much to charge the customer on the special order. 
 One of the hanging baskets
After work I went to see how my mom was doing and Ron went to the hospital to check on his mom.  She had been up walking today and was very pleased with herself.  She is getting stronger and is feeling better.  She is making great progress.
 Zinnias growing well in one of the flower beds
Once I got home I again spent a little time in the yard and then came in to decide what to have for supper.  When Ron arrived I fixed our supper and we sat down to eat together.  That is rare these days.
 The Royal Poinciana constantly sheds petals from the lovely flowers.
  Here are some on the grape vines.
Our youngest son called on his way home from work and we had a good visit.  Later in the evening our oldest son called to see how everyone is doing.  It is always good to talk to our boys.
Orange petals all over the fern.  
The ground gets carpeted with the orange petals as time goes on.

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