Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

A Quiet Day at the Office
May 11, 2016

My favorite blooming tree
The Royal Poinciana Tree

Last night Ron stayed at the hospital until midnight with his mother.  She had been moved to another room and was in a lot of pain.  We don't know if the pain had been building or if it was in moving her that the pain got so bad.  The pain was in her hip and one leg.  She had been in bed all the time since going to the hospital and at home she would have been up and down, walking short distances and doing various activities.

When she first arrived at the hospital she was feeling miserable with the pneumonia and didn't have  strength or interest in getting up, but now, she has been in the bed too long without at least getting up to sit in the chair.

This morning when Ron went to the hospital to check on her, I told him I would open the office, but he said he thought he could do it.  I told him to text me if his plan changed.  I was getting ready when I got a text from him asking me to go open the office.  He was going to wait to talk to either the doctor or one of the nurses.  I hurried and got to the shop about 15 minutes past opening time.  There were five men waiting for me to open up.  It was a group of Border Patrol agents on bicycles and they were waiting for me to make some keys for them.  Very nice young men.

I did that and then started where I left off last night on balancing the shop bank statement.  I had a few customers in while waiting for Ron to arrive.  When he did come, he said his mother was a little better.  They had found a topical cream that they applied to the hurting areas and she got some relief - not complete, but better than before.

Then Ron left on a job and when he got back I ate my lunch before he headed to the island for a job.  The afternoon was fairly quiet and I got the papers sent to the accountant.  The next thing on the to do list was a bank deposit.  Ron returned from the island and I went to the bank.

This was a day of people talking way too fast for me to understand them.  Half of the customers today only spoke Spanish (that is more than usual).  The others talked very fast.  But, I think I was able to communicate with all of them.
The lower limbs have died off and now all the blooms are way up at the top of the tree and it is best viewed from out front or on the side of the house, looking over the top of the house.  I really love this tree!

In the evening we met our friends for supper.  It was not as crowded tonight and that made hearing a little easier.  The food was yummy at the Texas Roadhouse.  As we got there, Ron got a call that they were going to move his mom to Solara Rehab tonight.  So after supper he returned to the hospital and stayed until she was moved and he went to the new place to help her get settled.  The move went very well!

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