Monday, August 29, 2016

August 28 & 29, 2016

A New Week - 
Off to a Good Start
August 28 & 29, 2016

Sunday morning was beautiful.  As we pulled out of the driveway to go to church, the sky was crystal clear, there was almost no wind, and it was just an amazingly beautiful morning.  Later when I went to get Mom for church, I told her it was miserably hot and muggy outside.  She said her care giver had said it was a beautiful day.  I told her that was true an hour earlier, but in the meantime, clouds had moved in, and it was a very hot, humid day.  Opinions can change.  It was still a pretty day if you were in an air-conditioned room and looking at it through a window.

Sunday school was good.  We had a visitor and most of our regular attendees were there.  We finished our study of the book of Revelation which had been the study for several months.  Everyone felt they had gained from the study.

As I sat down for church a couple came to join Mom and me, but wanted to sit on the end because they had to leave early.  I had planned to leave after the songs and go sit in the foyer where I can hear better, so I just let them have my spot and went out to the foyer.  When I tried to hook up my sound processor to the radio transmitter, I could not get it to hook up.  There seems to be a problem with the sound processor.  So I was glad I was in the foyer since Ron could turn up the volume to the speakers out there and I could hear most of the message.  I will need to send the processor off for repairs.  I have another one (in fact, two).

At church, the message was good.  It mostly was about the different mission endeavors our church is working on all over the world.  There were several visitors in church so it was good for them to know of the many projects that are on going so that they can find one that interests them.

After church we took Mom to the restaurant where The Lunch Bunch was gathering.  We were not staying, but dropped her off and went home to have our lunch.  She invited us, but it is just too hard for me to hear in a group like that.

Ron went to the office to work on some jobs and I slept the day away.  Again!  It was 7:15 when I woke up.  I fixed supper but ate alone since Ron was still at the office.  I did some laundry and a little sewing.  I cleaned the kitchen and went to bed about midnight. 

Monday morning (today) I got up about 8:30 and got ready to go to work.  When I got there Ron had been busy and needed to get some things in the mail before going on a couple of jobs.  I had an appointment with my thyroid doctor in Harlingen after lunch.  Ron got back to the office in time to be there while I was gone. 

At the appointment, the doctor had the results of the blood work I had done last week.  It showed a continued decrease in the blood test they had run.  She prescribed a medication for my hypothyroid condition and said to come back and have the blood work done again in 2 months.  She thinks this may help me with the tiredness that has been so overwhelming lately.  I hope it will help.

Ron had suggested that I just go shopping in Harlingen when I finished with the doctor and he would meet me in Harlingen for supper.  He had a job to do at a bank up there and so after he finished it, we could go to Olive Garden for supper.  Well, things did not work out as planned.  We did get to Olive Garden, but he did not get the job finished before the bank was closing so he will have to go back tomorrow. 

The shopping was not very productive.  I went to several stores and spent $3 total.  Not bad, but I was hoping to find a couple of things I need. 

While at Olive Garden, we had a delicious supper and then had each gotten a text message asking us to pray about something, so before we left there, we prayed at our table about the request.  When we finished, we were surprised to see that a lady from our Sunday School class had come to the table next to us while we were praying.  Her husband arrived a few minutes later.  We were able to chat with them briefly before we left to head home.  We each had a stop to make so  we parted ways and headed south.

At supper, we used the Cochlear mini-mic and it worked great.  I showed it to our friend and we talked about how it works.  I explained to her that if we were eating together with them and she had the mic on, I would hear her very well, but would struggle to hear our husbands.

This was a long day and tomorrow Ron has several jobs to go on so I need to get to the office earlier. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 25, 26, & 27, 2016

Wrapping Up the Week
August 25, 26, & 27, 2016

Female Chachalaca

This was a good week in many ways.  Business was good, I am feeling better, and Ron's mother was in and out of the hospital during the week (shortest stay she has had in a while).  Thursday Ron went to the hospital to check on his mom.  At the time he was there, (early in the morning), the nurses did not yet know if the doctor would dismiss her. 

A call a little later from the hospital said that they were ready to dismiss her at any time and Ron should come to pick her up.  He appreciated that they did it in the morning because he had an afternoon job promised that had been bumped a couple of times from the schedule (I think once by the customer and once by Ron).  He got her home and settled and her caretaker was there, so he returned to work and kept very busy the rest of the day.
Morning sunlight hitting water in the fountain/birdbath

I worked on sorting old invoices and putting them in order and into storage.  It only took a couple of hours, but had been ignored for way too long.  It does feel good to get those things done that I avoid.  That was a job that our grandson helped me with and I miss his help.

Late in the afternoon our friends called to see if we could meet for supper.  They had been on a trip to Big Bend out in West Texas and we thought they would be gone longer.  We were glad to meet them and hear about their trip.  After supper Ron went to his mom's and I went home.  I spent time in the yard picking flowers.  This batch brought us over the 3,000th Zinnia picked from Ron's garden this summer!  I picked about 100 that evening.

Friday morning I was slow getting to the office.  I took half of the zinnia's to the office to enjoy and then took them to my mom when I picked her up for supper.  During the day at the office, we had a good number of customers and several were making good sized purchases, so it was a nice way to wrap up the week. 
All three Chachalacas out for dinner on Saturday evening

At closing time I was busy on some work and didn't see that it was getting well past closing time.  We put things away and I went to pick up my mom and Ron met us at Pepe's for supper.  Some friends ended up at the table next to us and we enjoyed watching their little boy who is one of the adorable kids in the nursery at church.  We do have some of the most fun, interesting, delightful children in the church nursery!

Mom and I went to the Wal-mart across from Pepe's to do our shopping this time and both of us headed our own way to do our shopping.  I had checked out and put my groceries in the car when she called that she was checking out.  I went back in and helped her and then got her groceries loaded.  After taking her home and unloading her groceries, it was 9:00 when I got home and brought in my groceries.  Funny thing, I have mentioned before I love numbers and statistics.  Mom mentioned on the way home how much her groceries were and I said mine came to the same amount.  So funny because I doubt either of us bought any of the same items. 

Friday night I spent time texting with our daughter-in-law from McAllen.  They were on their way out of town and had a flat tire.  They waited a long time for AAA to show up to change it but AAA gave the provider the wrong location so they eventually gave up and our son took care of it.
This may be about the last of the zinnias. 
 We hope to replant next weekend.  

It was a little after midnight when I went to sleep and woke at 7:30 this morning.  Wished I could have slept later, but got up, had breakfast, and worked in the kitchen for a couple of hours cleaning a couple of cabinets, and arranging the flowers I had kept.  Then I spent time in the yard cleaning the windows on the sewing room, filling feeders and fountains and birdbaths. 

When I got back in the house just before noon, I read for a bit in the recliner, fell asleep and woke at 6:15 in the evening - not my plan at all!  The evening was leisurely and I fixed a new dish for supper.  It was way too spicy for me, but Ron gave it a thumbs up.  It was a frozen dinner in a bag - chicken fajitas with onions, peppers, and rice and a hot seasoning sauce.  Ron will enjoy it and I will  try to keep one on hand for evenings when he is working late and I will eat something else.

There was a good variety of birds in the yard today: wrens, sparrows, orioles, chachalacas, and doves.  I probably missed others as I slept the afternoon away.

Saturday was a very quiet day.  I did not put on my Cochlear sound processor until 7:30 in the evening.  Sometimes, I just need a break.  I often watch the closed captioning on the television.  Ready for a new week which starts in 15 minutes!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 23 & 24, 2016

A Normal Day at Work?
August 23 & 24, 2016

It seems that there is no such thing as "A Normal Day at Work."  Each day is different and that keeps things from getting boring.  Tuesday Ron got me up early so I could get ready to go open the office in case he was tied up at the hospital checking on his mom and waiting to see her doctor.  Since I went back to sleep, I was about 10 minutes late arriving and Ron arrived just a minute after I got there.

His mom was feeling better and doing a lot of reading.  During the day, I did an assortment of office chores.  I continue "catching up" from the days I was out this month, some taking care of the grandchildren and some when I had the shingles.

This time of the year, many teachers come in to get copies of classroom keys, gate keys, or file cabinet keys.  I needed to take several things to the post office and did so shortly before lunch time so I could pick up lunch while I was out.

During the afternoon I took a short nap with my head on my desk.  I need to have a sleep study done soon.  I had it scheduled about the time I came down with the shingles and had to cancel.  Then with Ron's mom in the hospital I can't make any commitments at the moment so hopefully maybe right after Labor Day I can get it done.

In the evening I talked to our son in San Antonio and our daughter-in-law in New Mexico as well as our son in Dallas during the afternoon.  I love to be able to keep up with their lives.

Wednesday morning I needed to be ready to open the office again, but Ron sent me a text saying he was headed to the office early enough that I didn't need to do it for him.  I went in about 10:00.

Ron was in and out during the day and I had a lot of customers to wait on.  When I wasn't doing that I was filing old invoices.  I was way behind on that but got totally caught up on it.  Tomorrow I need to file a stack of papers.  I restocked several types of merchandise during the day.

There was time to visit with a couple of customers today and I usually enjoy that.  The times I don't enjoy it is when I get ones who talk so fast I just can't keep up with trying to figure out what they said.

Just a little before closing time I left to go pay the utility bill and then came on home for the evening.  Ron needed to stay and work on some locks and check on his mom.  I did a few household cleaning chores, but tried to get to bed a little early. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 21 & 22, 2016

A Couple of Very Long Days
August 21 & 22, 2016

Jeff's two oldest boys.  The one on the left  is
heading to college after a family vacation.
Sunday morning we were up early.  We managed to get to Sunday school on time and had a great class and good lesson.  We sure have a good bunch in our class.  They were all eager to know how I was feeling after my bout with the shingles.

We came home to pick up the salad and the candy I had made, and a few other things before picking up my mom for the afternoon in McAllen.  We stopped by Ron's Mom's house so Ron could leave something she needed.  He said she had a bad place on her arm he was concerned about, but that she had a regular appointment with her doctor for Monday morning, so she would have him look at it.

While we were at our house getting ready, there was a heavy rain in the west end of town, where our mothers live and where the church is.  At our house we had some rain but not as much as they got.  The drive to McAllen was fine.  I read and slept.  I think Mom did the same.  When we got there, I arranged the zinnias while our daughter-in-law finished preparing lunch.

The girls had brought home 2 friends from church to spend the afternoon.  The family will be leaving on vacation which will end with taking the oldest child to college, so part of the reason for our gathering was to be able to say good-bye to him. 

Lunch was delicious.  The girls and the younger kids ate in the breakfast room while the adults and older boys ate in the dining room.  The acoustics are just not good in the dining room, and I had some trouble hearing, but had a very good time.  Before we left the dining table, the winds got very gusty and it started to rain - a good, heavy rain.  Several of the children were out in the pasture feeding the horse and took shelter in the shed or the stables.  Eventually they gave up on waiting out the rain and came back to the house soaked and laughing.  They found dry t-shirts and got into dry clothes.

We visited for the rest of the afternoon and then all went to the evening worship service at their church.  The second oldest of Jeff and Barb's children was singing in a duet that evening.  I had not told Mom and she was so delighted to be able to be there and hear him sing.  The youngest granddaughter was sitting by me and was drawing a picture.  When they started to sing the special, she recognized her brother's voice and looked up quickly and looked at me smiling as if to say, "That's my brother!"  He did an excellent job and we enjoyed being there.

Following a lot of visiting after the service, we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for supper before heading home.  It was a good meal and more good visiting.

Over the years, I have spent the most time with the oldest of Jeff and Barb's children - not just because he is older and has been around more years, but because he spend one day a week with me at the office for several years.  He would help me with assorted chores and keep me company while Ron was out on jobs.  He was with me the day that I went deaf.  Ron was at home with a very bad case of the flu and so our grandson had really been helping me that day.  At the start of the day, I did not notice anything unusual about my hearing, but by noon, I could not understand people on the phone and turned over the job of answering the phones to him.

I had to ask him to tell me what the customers were asking not only on the phone, but across the counter.  I finally decided I was going to have to get a new hearing aid.  It was a very stressful day for me as the hearing was diminishing.  His dad came to pick him up at the end of the day and came in to ask about Ron.  I updated him on that but also told him how much trouble I was having hearing.  He waited around until I had locked up and was in my car to leave.  I turned the key in the car and thought, "What else can go wrong?  My car won't start."  Then I realized that the car was moving, so it had started, but I could not hear it.  At that point, I realized it was more than a bad hearing aid; I was going deaf.  So for that incident and many others, we are very close.  I will miss him.  I know his siblings will all miss him, too as well as his parents and extended family and friends.

It was 10:30 or later when we got home, but it had been a very nice day.  The rain was an extra treat.  We had fun watching the kids and the dogs in the rain.  I am not sure which got dirtier.  The dogs are growing and are mischievous puppies, digging up the backyard and especially exploring puddles of water and digging to see what is in the puddles.
Like father, like son
Monday morning came before I was ready for it.  I had to go to Harlingen for blood work for the thyroid doctor.  If you recall, three months ago, the numbers were off on a blood test and they re-ran it a couple of times and finally it was normal, but the doctor wanted to check it in three months.  So I will see her in a week when she gets the results.

On my way back to town I picked up lunch to share with Ron.  He was swamped when I got to the office.  We both waited on customers for about 30 minutes before he had a chance to tell me his mother had been sent to the hospital by the doctor after he saw her this morning and he needed to go over there.  Her caregiver had taken her to the doctor's appointment and then to the ER as per the doctor's orders.   She was not pleased to be going but finally agreed she needed to go.

Ron was gone the rest of the day from the office, staying at the hospital with her.  It was 10:00 in the evening before he got home.  They are taking her off a medication she has been on for a long time and trying to correct the problem with that change.  It looks like I will need to open the office the next few days. 

I picked 125 zinnias and did some arrangements.  I have a large one for Ron to take to his mother in the morning and then a couple of small ones for the house.  I watered that flower bed well and did about 2 hours of work in the yard before coming in very hot and tired.  It was after 10:00 before I had supper.  The last couple of days have been long, busy days.

August 19 & 20, 2016

Feeling Good Again!
August 19 & 20, 2016

It is almost White-wing hunting season. 
 They are getting fat.

Friday kept me busy at the office.  I had more papers to deal with that were cluttering my desk.  The accountant had sent me the information to make the sales tax payment to the state, so I did that late in the afternoon.  It must be done on line.  Ron was out of the office a good bit of Friday so I was kept busy waiting on customers.

After work I picked up Mom and we met Ron at Pepe's for supper.  We had a good visit with a lot of laughter.  Then I took Mom home.  She didn't need groceries; I needed some by wanted to do mine early Saturday morning.  At home I read, did some laundry, and did some cleaning in the sewing room.  

Saturday morning Ron got me up very early as per my request.  I headed to the grocery store and was able to get my shopping done without much trouble, but it did take a long time.  It had been a month since I had done a full grocery shopping and I was out of a lot of staples.  I was really feeling good and enjoyed my shopping time.

After putting away the groceries, I drove to Harlingen to get some backing fabric for some quilts.  I spent way too much time in Hobby Lobby, but again, I had not been there in a while.  I got things to make a couple of Fall centerpieces and made them in the afternoon.  I also bought a gift for one daughter-in-law who has a birthday soon.  Now if I can just get it mailed!

Again, I enjoyed the shopping.  It was a very hot day - around 100 degrees.  There was a strong wind but it was a hot wind.  I stopped for lunch on the way home since Ron was going to spend the afternoon at the office.  Late in the afternoon I picked some of the zinnias to take to McAllen Sunday.

Once I got home, I was exhausted.  I spent the afternoon reading, doing more laundry and watching some movies.  I also made a salad to take to our son's house in McAllen  the next day for lunch.  Then late in the evening I made some Mexican candy as per the request of our oldest grandson who leaves for college this week.  Our daughter-in-law and the oldest of the girls requested the salad.  It is nice to know there are things I fix that different ones really like.

Friday, August 19, 2016

August 15 - 18, 2015

Back to Work
August 15 - 18, 2016

Current quilt in progress. 
This is half of the blocks.

There were many things awaiting my attention back at the office after I have been off for a full week.  I had mail to deal with, checks to write, deposits to make, and several other similar chores.  Monday I went in from about noon until 3:30.  I was able to check the stack of things on my desk.  After I left work, I came home and napped before having a little supper.

Tuesday I again just spent part of the day at the office.  I was still finishing monthly reports.  I got part of it done, but still had the bank statement to tackle.  Again the credit card processing company had done several things that taxed my brain.  Finally on Wednesday afternoon I asked Ron to look at it for me.  He found it fairly quickly approaching it in a different way.

Wednesday I was at the office much of the day and was able to get the report well under way, but was still needing to deal with some of the mess created by the credit card processing company.  This company is through Sam's Club.  Their prices are better, but my hair is turning gray faster than it was.

Wednesday evening we met our friends for supper at our current regular place - Texas Roadhouse.  Food is very good.  Noise is loud.  For some reason last night they were really busy.  Our friends have a daughter living in Louisiana.  She is very close to the flooded areas, but their house is high and dry.  A day or two ago on television, there was a couple about Ron's and my ages and they had lost everything in the floods.  They commented on having to start over at their ages.  I can't even imagine how I would feel in that situation.

In the evenings I have been reading and watching the Olympics in Rio.  Amazing!  I did a little more sewing on the new quilt in progress.  I now have half of the blocks made and trimmed.

At the office today, Ron was out just about all day on some jobs.  I had gone to Wal-mart on my way to the office early, to get paper products for the office.  Then at the office I finished up all the financial paper work and got the reports in the mail.

While Ron was out, my high school band director came in to leave an item to be worked on.  He stayed and visited for a long time and it was one of those times of taking a walk down Memory Lane.  We talked about mutual friends, our kids, our grandkids, and just had a nice visit.  Again, I was reminded how much I enjoy being able to just have a conversation with a friend.

After work, I came home, worked on the kitchen, picked 110 flowers and arranged them and had a lite supper.  Ron had stayed late at the office to work on some things for a customer.  He will be out on jobs some tomorrow, too, so I had better wrap this up and get some sleep.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

August 13 & 14, 2016

Mixing Up My Days and Nights
August 13 & 14, 2016

Hooded Oriole taking a bath

Friday night I could not get to sleep and was up until 5:45 a.m.  Then I fell asleep and I did not wake up until almost noon.  In the late afternoon I went to sleep and slept for about 5 hours.  Of course, that meant that I was not ready to sleep the night away.  It was the middle of the night before I got to sleep and slept until a little after 11:00 Sunday morning.  Ron picked up lunch for him and breakfast for me to eat around noon.  What a messed up schedule I am on.
Great Kiskadee
Saturday I really did not get anything done other than feeders and ponds in the yard and finished a book I was reading. 
Shower time for a young sparrow
Sunday afternoon  I spent a couple of hours sewing.  I am working on a new quilt.  I have about 1/4 of the blocks complete and another 1/4 about half done.  It is a quick project (I think). 
Waiting line at the shower
I spent some time during the day enjoying the birds.  There was a great variety of birds Saturday and Sunday.  I had a few orioles and a couple of warblers.  There were some starlings in the birdbaths off and on all day Saturday.  Green Jays were abundant as were Great Kiskadees.  Of course the usual visitors - sparrows, wrens, doves, and titmice were here in full force along with grackles, mockingbirds, and cowbirds.

Late in the afternoon Sunday, I went out to gather zinnias.  I was trying to get some from the middle of the patch and ended up tumbling into the middle of the patch where there was nothing to grab onto to get up.  Thankfully, Ron was working in the garage and rescued me.  The zinnia patch in dying out and I am afraid my tumble will make that faster.  We hope to clear it out in a couple of weeks and replant for a fall garden. 

The evening was spent doing some watching of the Olympics and reading.  I fixed some supper and relaxed with my book while I ate. 
Quilt in progress - Crosswalk
Today is the 11th birthday of one of our granddaughters.  I really hated missing spending time with her on her birthday, but it just was not a good idea with the shingles spots still fading away.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 11 & 12, 2016

Feeling Much Better
August 11 & 12, 2016

Tufted Titmouse eating lunch
Thursday (the 11th) was a much better day.  I woke feeling good and during the day I was able to actually do some much needed house work.  I vacuumed about 1/2 of the house, loaded and ran the dishwasher, did a couple of loads of laundry, took care of the fountains and ponds in the yard, and filled the bird feeders.  I was tired when all of that was done, but it really felt good to get so many things done that needed my attention. 
White-winged Doves

There is still a little ear pain, but there is no other pain and only a very small amount of itching as the places are healing.  During the day I worked and took time out to rest and read a few times.  It was just nice to walk through clean rooms after the work.  For lunch I made a sandwich and for supper Ron brought home smoked turkey and I had a sandwich.  He had gotten sausage for his supper.
The doves became aware that I was taking photos and turned to check me out.
Ron spent some time working in the yard in the evening, pulling some branches out of the water in the lake behind the house.  The water level is down and it was a good time to get the broken branches out. 
Cute little Bewick's Wren
For months I have felt tired and rundown.  Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I felt like myself.  It was good.  Maybe I did a little too much because today was not as good.  I slept until almost noon.  I decided to skip breakfast and just go for lunch.  I spent the afternoon doing a few small chores and mostly doing some hand sewing.  When Ron got home we had a light supper.

It has been good to watch some of the Olympics the last few days.  So many strong, talented young people from all over the world and so many American Gold Medal winners who are praising their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as they achieve a high level of acclaim.  If I have to be at home and sick, I am glad it is during the Olympics.

Besides the Olympics, I am enjoying watching the birds.  I am not getting too many photos, but I am enjoying watching so many young birds that have hatched in the last few weeks or months.  Some sit in the trees calling to their parents to bring food.  Some tire quickly as the fly to the feeders.  It is just fun to watch them.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 9 & 10, 2016

God's Unique Creations
August 9 & 10, 2016

A few days ago, Ron and I were discussing the abundance of zinnias that his one flower bed has produced.   There is one bush right at the corner of the flower bed that has produced over 25 flowers so far.  Ron has counted 14 more buds on the bush.  These are a rather unique shade of pink, a soft baby pink, and the flower is very full, having several rows of petals.  No other bush in the flower bed produces flowers in that exact shade of pink.  Yet each of those flowers on that bush are unique.  Some are larger than others, but all are that soft pink.

The row of tiny little yellow flowers that separate the petals from the center of the flower have always fascinated me.  I just love the detail that God put into each flower.  I had always loved flowers, but when I got my first digital camera many years ago, and began photographing flowers I was so amazed at those tiny details.  Today I saw something I had not seen before and that was those tiny yellow flowers in the shape of a heart.

Today I picked the flowers.  Ron had not had time to do them the last few days and I had not felt up to it.  I would go out and pick a few and then come in to cool off.  Today's count was 300.   It took a long time to pick them and then a long time to make arrangements.  I was able to make 10 arrangements.  Of course at this point they are just sitting on the dining table since I am not driving due to the medications I am taking. 

Back to the flowers - in our conversation, Ron said that like snowflakes, each flower is different.  One of the arrangements I did has 50 flowers in it, but I think I would enjoy it as much if each flower were alone in a bud vase.  It would highlight the beauty of the individual flowers. 

Often over the years I have thought that God could have made flowers the way I draw and color them - a stem with a couple of leaves and a red blob of a circle on the top of the stem.  We would not have known the difference.  We would have enjoyed them and picked them and given them to our mothers when we were young.  But God had a different plan.  The uniqueness of each of the created flowers is overwhelming.  He wanted to provide unique beauty for us to enjoy.

That uniqueness is true in everything God created: the birds, the flowers, the dogs and cats, and us.  Each human has God-given uniquenesses: our height, our shape, our freckles, our skin color and hair color, our intelligence, and our purpose in the world.  Who were all those aborted babies created to be and what was their unique gift to the world going to be? 

Years ago when I was PTA president at a local elementary school, at the first PTA meeting of the year, I presented each teacher with a rock.  It wasn't just any old rock (which probably would have been unique), but it was a geode.  These geodes had not been opened to reveal the beauty inside.  I challenged the teachers to think of that geode that looked dirty, unattractive, and dull when they met their new students, reminding them that inside each student was a talent that would sparkle when it was found and opened.

Again that geode is something God created with amazing beauty hidden inside.  What a wonderful world we live in.  What an amazing God we have! 

As for me and my shingles (I am sure they are unique to each person, also)...  I am getting better.  I have lots less pain.  The spots seem to be just gradually drying up.  My ear still hurts some, but less than a couple of days ago.  Yesterday (Tuesday) I slept all day.  I woke up at 5:15, took my medication, returned to sleep until Ron woke me at 8:00 for ear drops.  Went back to sleep until about 3:00 and took meds and returned to sleep until 8:00 in the evening.  Then I was able to sleep all night.  Today (Wednesday) was only one afternoon nap.  The meds don't make me feel groggy or dopey.  But when I go to sleep, it is a deep sleep.

Your prayers and encouragement have been appreciated.  I feel I am making good progress.

Monday, August 8, 2016

August 5 - 8, 2016

August 5 - 8, 2016

Friday morning I drove to the doctor's office and found that the Nurse Practitioner would not be in until after lunch.  I returned to their office after lunch.  I had decided that I must be coming down with Shingles.  The Nurse Practitioner agreed with my diagnosis and gave me two prescriptions, telling me that if I was not better Saturday morning, to come back.  I returned to our office and paid all current bills and got things where I hoped that Ron could handle them the following week.  The shingles are on the right side of my head starting around the eye and up into the hair probably stopping in the back at the same level as they are in the front.

We cancelled supper with Mom about the time I got an email from her saying she was not feeling good and that she was going to cancel.  Worked out for all of us.  When I got home from work I put on my night gown to remind myself I was sick and to take it easy.  It worked.

During the night and on Saturday morning I was having a lot of pain in the ear on the side with the Shingles.  Back to the doctor.  She prescribed adding Tylenol to the growing list of medications.  I slept some Saturday afternoon and mostly read when awake.  

Sunday morning Ron went to Sunday School and then came home to check on me.  He brought me food and then took lunch to his mom.  He treats  his ladies well.  Late Sunday evening he picked about 100 zinnias, but did not get all of them.  Later I made one arrangement and did 3 more arrangements the next morning.  

The pain in the ear continued to be a major problem and Ron took me to the doctor's office the next morning (Monday).  We arrived before they opened and so we were seen pretty quickly.  I had been unable to sleep at all Sunday night due to the pain.  They ended up giving me a shot for the pain and a new prescription for the pain.  

Ron had an appointment scheduled with them for later this week to get lab results on blood work he had done last week.  They asked if he wanted to get them while we were there today.  That was very helpful.  They got me in right away with the ear specialist and we went straight there from the GP's office.  

At the Ear specialist's office, he took some time to visit and I always like when doctors will do that.  He ordered a new prescription for the ear pain (ear drops) and said he thought the dizziness last week was tied to the shingles.  Some things he said went along with some things I had read the previous evening, indicating I may have had some flare ups of the shingles before but did not recognize them as such.  I had the pain, but not the spots.