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May 15, 2016

Busy Sunday and Time with Family
May 15, 2016

McAllen Convention Center
Fountain that flows into a waterfall.  

Up earlier than necessary; why can't I sleep late when I can?  Ron left early for Sunday School so he could go by and check on his mother.  She was doing OK.  He and I got to class about the same time.  Our attendance in class was down a little.  I know a few people were traveling.

After Sunday School we went to McAllen to attend the ballet recitals for our three granddaughters who live there.  The two older girls are in one class and the younger girl in another class.  This particular dance school is so large that they have 2 recitals and of course the way it was divided, the older girls were in the first and the younger one in the second, so that meant about 4 hours of recitals.

The costumes were cute for the little ones, and lovely for the older ones.  I had no idea how large this dance school is and there were lots of numbers to see.  There were a lot of the older students which speaks well for the school in being able to keep students interested for lots of years.  Some of the dances were more seductive than I think they should be and I think our granddaughters are changing schools next year, but I must say the students are well taught at this school.  Sadly for me, no photos were allowed.

We left a little early once the youngest was dismissed and all went to Cracker Barrel for supper.  We had a good long visit.  There had been a heavy rain that we drove through on the way up.  It rained while we were inside at the recitals, and we went through light rain on the way home.  At home, our yard had been nicely watered by the Lord.

As for my Cochlear Implant and the recital, it does hold loud music down to a certain volume, so if others were thinking the music was loud, I was not hearing it as loudly as they were.  I could not discern any of the melodies except in the case of the music for our youngest granddaughter's class.  She had told me that it was Animal Crackers in my Soup (a Shirley Temple classic) and knowing what the song would be, I could make it our.  Funny thing was, the next two dances sounded like the same song.  They must have been the same rhythm and my brain just filled in what I already knew.

We are so glad we were able to attend and then thankful for the time with the family after the show.  It is fun to laugh about the sometimes silly things the children say.  Their family had just spent 3 days at South Padre Island and all of them were tired and a little sunburned.  I am sure they would have been happy to go home and "crash" on the sofa, but we appreciate the time were able to be together.  We had a table in the corner at Cracker Barrel and I could hear most of what was going on.

On our way home, we stopped at the hospital where Ron's mother is and visited with her for a while.  She was eager to hear all about the afternoon.  She sure loves our son's family.  The children are good around older adults and she would be happy to see them every day.  She loves to hear what they are doing and the funny things the kids say.  It was 9:00 by the time we got home and it had been a very long day, but a good one.

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