Monday, May 30, 2016

May 29, 2016

Sleepy Sunday
May 29, 2016

We have several sunflowers that have come up 
under the bird feeders and Ron planted others.

Sunday morning was the start of another sleepy day.  Ron left early to go see his mother before class.  I managed to get ready and was only a few minutes late to our Sunday School class.  We had a good group in class and they were very attentive.  We have been studying the book of Revelation for a while and are almost finished.  They all seem to really have enjoyed the series.

Church was good with an excellent sermon.  The crowd was down when the service started, but by the time he started the sermon we had a good congregation.  Several are out of town for the holiday weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day where we honor those who have given their lives in service to our country.

The church was serving lunch, but Ron and I were both so tired we came home to a simple lunch.  In fact Ron went to sleep before lunch and ate later in the afternoon.  We had both been up early Saturday morning and had come home late Saturday night.  I slept all afternoon and into the evening.
This Chachalaca spent much of the afternoon
 on the fence to the backyard.
In church I was able to use the radio hooked up to my Cochlear Implant to hear the sermon well.  It makes a big difference.
These are very noisy birds, but interesting to watch.

I spent just a little time in the yard and continue to enjoy the blooming hibiscus plants.  They are lovely this year.  We do need rain.

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