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May 20, 2016

Off We Go To A Fun Weekend!
May 20, 2016

Here I am catching up again.  There was just no time this past weekend to post to the blog.  Ron and I were up early Friday morning and by 6:15 a.m. we were on the road to San Antonio.  As we traveled north to San Antonio, our oldest son Bob and his wife traveled east to San Antonio on their second day of traveling from Albuquerque.  Later in the day, our youngest son and his wife headed south to San Antonio and were later arriving than the rest of us.

The weather was nice.  Ron does all the trip driving these days and I appreciate that.  I read most of the way.  He had an audio book that he listened to as he drove.  Traffic was not bad.  We stopped in Robstown for breakfast tacos at Bill Miller's Bar-B-Q, and arrived in San Antonio about 10:30.  We did some shopping as we went around the west side of the city.  I was hoping to buy some clothes, but had no luck on that.  I did find a couple of things I wanted, but not much.

Ron and I had lunch at a Chick-fil-A at a mall as we shopped.  Our son Bob called and said they should arrive at the hotel about 3:00, so we met them there, unloaded the cars and had a good time visiting.  Our son Dave, who lives in San Antonio joined us after school (he teaches).

We gathered at Fudrucker's for supper a little later, where his wife and nephew met us.  She had dropped her niece off at a choir banquet for the evening.  Fun, laughter, and good food, were all a part of the early evening meal.  Stephen and his wife were still on the way.  After supper Diana and I went shopping at a little store I enjoy.  Then she took me to the hotel to wait for Stephen and his wife.  Diana went to join the rest of the group at Marble Slab for ice cream.

When Stephen and his wife arrived, I went with them to Fudrucker's so that they could eat supper.   Ron, and David joined us to visit while they enjoyed their meal until they were about ready to close the place.  All of us had worked all week and were tired after our drive to San Antonio and ready for bed by the time we were all back at the hotel.

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