Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 3, 2016

A Doctor Day
May 3, 2016

American Redstart

This was one of those days with appointments and calls to make to doctors.  Some were mine and some were my mom's.  Ron was in the office much of the day, so it worked out well for me to come and go.  He always tries to let me leave early on Tuesdays so I can be ready for the quilt group, but we ended up not having quilting, so again, it worked out well.

I had an early morning appointment to see the heart doctor and he changed a medication the G.P.'s office had me taking.  I had a negative reaction to the one they had me on and they wanted to double it.  He quickly said, "We need to get you off of that one!"  Duh...  All else was fine and I had given them a copy of the blood work report and he was very pleased and didn't even mention the thyroid problem that concerned the Nurse Practitioner.
It is a treat that my chrysanthemums are doing so well in the spring.

I made it to the office about 10:00 which was way ahead of recent days when I had to go to the doctor's office.  At the office I worked on the end of the month items.  I still need to get the statements out.  So many places are now using credit cards, that it is not too much trouble to do the billing.

Mom had an appointment and I left the office about 2:30 to pick her up for that.  I had enjoyed photographing an oriole in her yard the previous day, so I was hoping to see him again.  She said he had been there earlier in the day, but did not stop by while I was there.  Her backyard is so pretty with a great variety of plants.
Hermit Thrush

We had to wait a while at her doctor's office, but we got in a good visit.  The doctor went over her results from a test or two, but did not have all the information he needed.  He prescribed a new medication for her and we dropped off the prescription on our way to her house.  Then I went to pick up mine at another pharmacy but hers was not yet ready.  I headed home and got there about 5:30.

While with Mom's doctor, it came up that I have a Cochlear Implant.  He wanted to know more about it to see if he would qualify.  I talked to him a little about it.  He is older than most doctors and I know it would be hard to really communicate with a patient if you didn't hear all that was being said.
The zinnias are now about 6-8 inches tall.

Once I got home I took care of some things in the yard.  The feeders were all empty and the ponds and fountains needed to be topped off.  I had a couple of bird migration visitors at the birdbath and that always delights me.  I had a little supper and went to sleep early. 

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