Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 8, 2016

A Different Mother's Day
May 8, 2016

Each Mother's Day is unique in some ways.  Some years, all the boys were living at home and Mother's Day morning was like Christmas morning with me being showered with gifts from the four boys and their dad.  Now Mother's Day is usually quieter.  This may have been the first when none of the boys were here.

We had been with our son Jeff and his family yesterday for his oldest son's high school graduation.  The other boys were all scattered in three different cities - some watching the severe weather warnings, but all taking time out in their day to call and wish me a Happy Mother's Day. 

Ron got me up with a gift of donuts for breakfast.  Yea!  Then he left to check on his mother at the hospital.  I got ready for church and made it to Sunday School about on time.  Ron was already there. We had a good bunch there and a good class.  Then I left to pick up my mom for church.  We got back and went to church.  A young friend who had been out of church for a while, was there and waiting to sit with me.  That was nice. 

After the service I called Ron to see if Mom and I could come to the hospital cafeteria and meet him for lunch.  He said he could leave for a bit so Mom and I picked up chicken pot pies for lunch and went to Mom's house and Ron met us there.  We enjoyed a good lunch and visit. 

After we ate I went to the hospital to see Ron's mom and he had an errand to run.  I visited for a while with his mom and then left to come home after he arrived.  He spent the rest of the day there.  After he got home we spent a little time in the yard.

Just before Ron came home I had spent time on the phone with the three boys I had not seen yesterday and chatted with two of the daughters-in-law.  One was out of town.  It was a good day; just different.

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