Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12, 2016

Do You Need Prayer?
Our Family Does
May 12, 2016

My favorite prayer journal.  
They can be "blank books", spiral notebooks, or a scratch pad.

This week it seems that I am seeing so many people with health problems.  Those of us who are Christians and are active in our individual churches or belong to a prayer group, know that the lists of prayer needs seem to get longer and longer each time we gather together.  This week it seems that many the prayer needs are touching a lot of people near and dear to me.  As I am writing this first portion of the blog I am sitting at my desk in the office and a brother-in-law is in surgery to have a cancerous mass removed from his abdominal area.  The mass seems to involve several organs.

Another family member is waiting for more tests and answers, as I am.  Another one very close to me may need surgery in the next few weeks or months.  Ron's mother has been moved from the hospital to a rehab facility to try to help her regain more strength before she goes home.  A text on my phone when I got up today informed me that a friend's husband was in the hospital following a heart attack.  Currently a grandson of ours is having physical therapy sessions for a wrist injury, as is a daughter-in-law is having P.T. for a knee problem.  Some days the prayer needs seem overwhelming.  All of these that I have mentioned love the Lord and look to Him for strength (physical, mental, and spiritual) in times of health needs.  God's people are not immune to illnesses and injuries. 

Thankfully, God is never too busy to hear our prayers.  When dealing with physical problems, we all know waiting is hard.  We want answers quickly and easily.  God wants us to come to him in prayer not only we our needs but with our thankfulness for all He has done for us.

Today much of the day, my mind was focused on the needs I have just mentioned as well as others.  It was a slow day at the office and I had more time to talk to God than I do on some hectic days. I got to the office and realized I had left my phone at home.  Ron said I could go get it and then when I got back he took my car to get it inspected.  Thankfully, I don't need the phone to talk to God.

In the afternoon I paid bills and started cleaning my desk since I had finally gotten all the papers mailed to the accountant.  Ron was in the office a lot but his phone seemed to ring all day.  After work we each left to check on our moms.  He went to see his and I went to see mine.  I took Mom and Carmen to the grocery store.  I had a few things to get and then made a quick run to the drugstore while they finished their shopping.

Carmen and I took in the groceries at Mom's and I hurried home with my few groceries.  I fixed my supper and Ron came in while I was eating.  I set out a plate for him and he ate, and then quickly went to sleep.  He is so tired.  He has been up early and up late at night and is beginning to show the results.  His mother is doing well at the new place.  She was not thrilled with the cooking, but other than that, she had a good day.

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