Thursday, October 19, 2017

October 11, 2017

Our First Norther of Autumn
October 11, 2017

Wilson's Warbler
I started this last week and am going to wrap it up tonight and try to get another one done in a few days.  You all encourage me so much about my blog, that I really appreciate it and try to post when I have time.  I have a little more energy these last few weeks than I have for a long time, but there is so much to catch up on in the areas of house work and office work, that the blog is still running behind.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird
When you live in warm, tropical, South Texas, it is a treat to have a Norther in early October.  There is probably an exact definition of a Norther, but I think is has to do with a 20 degree drop in temperature within a particular time frame.  Technically, I don't think we got the 20 degree change, but we got a nice wind from the north, rain, and relief from the temperatures in the 90s.  Yesterday was cloudy almost all day, following days of crystal clear, vivid blue skies and very little wind.  Today will be cool and wet.
Not sure, but probably a young Altamira Oriole
I have had an assortment of problems with my Cochlear devices.  The sound on one of the sound processors keeps cutting in and out.  I need to send it in for repair or replacement.  I need to order a variety of supplies.  I need a new cable that goes from the sound processor to the magnet (coil) and filters and a couple of other things.  One evening recently we went to McAllen and my mom and Ron's aunt were in the back seat.  Mom had the mic on her lapel but I was getting constant noise from it.  When Ron's aunt wore it, it was fine.  Sometimes I can figure out why things like that happen, but not that evening.  I needed it on Mom because she is very soft spoken.
Mom, Daughter-in-law Barb, and Ron's Aunt Viva
In general, things are going OK with my Cochlear equipment.  One of the biggest challenges is keeping all of the items charged.  By the time I charge the remote control, the batteries, the 2 mics, the phone attachment, and plug in the dryer for the sound processors, a corner of my large sewing table is covered.  Traveling with these things can be a challenge.  Older hotels do not have enough plugs to keep me hearing.  I have to take all the equipment and a multi plug cord.  Of course Ron and I have cell phones and Kindles to also plug in, so my carry on bag seems to be filled with electronics.
One of the quilts - this one for the little girl on the right

The last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of sewing.  I have finished some quilt tops and have another ready to assemble.  All the squares are made.  I presented a couple of them to the young children I had made them for and they were very pleased.  As often happens I get stalled on the last step: binding the quilts.  I don't enjoy that step and end up putting it off until I have to do it under pressure at the last minute before presenting them.
A different quilt for the little boy in the photo
Bird migration this year for the little birds heading south for the winter has been a little different from years past.  Our waterfalls are currently out of order and they really miss that.  The advantage is that it is bringing them to the birdbaths closer to the house.  I am enjoying watching them.  As always, I enjoy taking photos of them also.  I think the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey up and down the Texas Gulf coast has caused feeding problems for the birds as they migrate and some are coming here and staying a little longer to fill up before heading to Central and South America for the winter.
Golden fronted Woodpecker