Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 29, 30, & 31, 2016

My World Spinning 
Out of Control
July 29, 30, & 31, 2016

My weekend has been spent in the recliner.  I think I am beginning to wear it out.  Thursday and Friday I didn't feel very good.  Thursday I had an upset stomach but spent the usual time at the office.  Friday Ron either let me sleep or did not fully wake me up and when I did wake up and saw it was 9:30, I quickly sat up and my world began spinning. 

For probably 20 years I have had occasional dizzy spells.  These started with a very bad spell that lasted for about 6 weeks.  The doctor said it was a virus and that for the first 6 months I would have several spells and then just off and on for the rest of my life.  It has been a long time since I had a bad one, but this weekend has been pretty bad.  Any fast movement sets my world to spinning. 

Thankfully there is not any nausea with this, but just leaning over to pick something up off the floor is a problem.  So, I feel like I have wasted my weekend.  I could not read yesterday but today I can read for a little while at a time.

Friday when I woke up feeling dizzy I let Ron know I would not be at the office until about noon.  My brother and his wife were in town and they and Mom came by the office in the afternoon and then later we met for supper.  It was good to see them again and catch up on their busy lives.

Since I have not been feeling well, I have not cut flowers since Thursday morning, so Ron says he will do it this evening.  There are a lot of them! 

I have been reading an Amish book currently.  For years I did not read them because I know often the Amish are depicted as being very stern and harsh in their discipline with their children.  When I finally started reading them in recent years, I have found only a little of that in the books I have read, but this book has a lot in it.  I keep debating if I am going to finish it, but I guess I will. 

Ron has picked up food for us the last couple of days since I don't feel like cooking or going grocery shopping.  He helped some with the laundry and I have been able to do some of it.  The dizziness seems to come in waves.  I managed to unload and load the dishwasher.  That helped the kitchen look 90% better.

I am so glad our daughter-in-law Vickey told me about the Hallmark Mystery & Movie channel because I have watched a lot of that this weekend when I didn't feel like reading.  I tried to listen to church on the computer this morning.  Our church is not live, online, but the churches of two of our sons are on.  I listened to parts of their services this morning, so I attended church in McAllen and in San Antonio today.

P.S.  115 flowers today; 5 arrangements.  So pretty!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 28, 2016

Back To Work
July 28, 2016

The zinnia patch early this morning.
Today I went back to work after being with our grandchildren the last few days.  Ron had kept things running at the office, but there were a lot of little things I needed to take care of and still a few more to do tomorrow.  Before going to the office, I cut zinnias since Ron had not cut them while I was out of town.  There were 200 to be gathered and by the time I finished, I was hot and sweaty.  Yuck - no way to start the day.
The bees were enjoying it and I had 
to check each flower before I picked it.
I took the flowers to the office and arranged them in my office since I didn't have time to do it before going to work.  I wished for granddaughters to help me.  I made 9 arrangements in all.  Ron took one to his mom and then I took one by Mom's house, picked up two prescriptions for her and then one for me at the drugstore across the intersection.  I picked up my lunch, took Mom's medications to her and returned to the office.
Ron picked up my camera while I was in the zinnia patch.
I looked up to see  him taking photos.
All day, I had an upset stomach, so as much as I hated to do it, I turned down Ron's offer to take me out to supper.  I headed home a few minutes early and made a stop to get milk and bread before coming home. 
My mom's arrangement today
During the afternoon when it wasn't busy at the shop, Ron and I were chatting and letting each other know what had gone on while we were apart.  If you recall, back in the beginning when they first activated my Cochlear Implant, the audiologist told me I needed to ask someone when I could not identify a sound, so my brain could learn what it was.  When I was at our son's home, I was napping on the couch and kept being awakened by a loud noise.  It sounded like the children were rearranging the furniture.  I went upstairs to find them playing quietly with Hot Wheels cars.

So, I asked them if they had heard a loud noise.  They had not.  I returned to the couch where I was napping and about the time I went back to sleep, it started again.  One of the kids was walking through the room and I asked again about the sound.  They said it was the dog barking.  I never would have guessed!
The rest of the evening, I spent time just reading and relaxing.  I had a very light supper.  Late in the evening I talked to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico.  She has a bad cold and is feeling yucky.  So sorry that she is having that just when her knee was getting better. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 25, 26, & 27, 2016

Three Days With Seven
of Our Grandchildren
July 25, 26, & 27, 2016

Our 12 yr. old granddaughter fixing a take along
 lunch for her father.  I offered to do it, but she 
wanted to.  She fixed a sandwich, chips, and
 animal crackers along with a canned drink. 

Oh what fun!  Three days with the grandchildren when there were few things that HAD to be done.  Their mother had prepared meals or had frozen items so that mealtimes were easy.  I did make Rice Krispie Treats Monday night and Tuesday night.  Today I made peanut butter cookies.  They know that Grandma will take care of desserts.
The Sugar Kid
The children are all old enough to be out of diapers.  They talk clearly enough for me to usually understand.  They can do chores around the house like caring for the pets: 4 cats and 4 new baby kittens, 3 dogs, and 1 horse.  They practice piano without being asked even though they are not taking lessons this summer.  They help each other.  They play well together in assorted groupings and all but one play well alone.  They spent hours and hours with: toy cars (Hot Wheels) and a race track; decks of cards; drawing pictures; talking to each other; and on and on.  Mealtimes there would be 4 different conversations going on.  They like each other and are making friends in their new surroundings.  It has been just over a year since they moved to the house in McAllen.
The middle child working on a new song for piano
The house is sort of "out in the country" and if it had not been 100 degrees, they would have been playing outside.  They were out there some.  Due to a water leak from an upstairs bathroom, a major renovation was taking place in that bathroom.  Carpenters and a tile man were in and out during the three days.  The tile man asked me today if they were going to all be basketball players, so I think they must have been shooting baskets outside while he was around.  Five of the seven are taking basketball lessons - all but the oldest and the youngest.
The youngest arranging flowers.  
She did 4 arrangements.
One conversation at the table last night was between the 12 year old girl and her next youngest brother.  She was telling him the position his hand should be in to shoot baskets.  Another conversation I heard this morning was between that same girl and her 18 year old brother.  He was sitting on the side of her bed trying to convince her it was time to get up (it was only 11:30).  Another conversation was between the second oldest boy and the youngest boy who had just drawn an airplane.  His older brother was trying to help him come up with numbers for the plane (B-2016).  That second oldest brother asked if I had seen him racing.  No, I hadn't.  He said he raced the horse when he went to feed it.  As soon as the horse saw him, it came at as much full speed as a 20 year old horse has.  The horse won. They discuss history, animals, music, camp experiences, food, and many other subjects.  They just enjoy being together and talking.
Did I mention, their backyard is perfect for bird watching?
Great Kiskadee
I did not leave the house while I was there.  The oldest grandson had to pick up laundry for his dad today and I asked him to pick up some things to go with lunch.  Then just before I left this evening he loaded all the children in the van to head to the church for assorted Wednesday night activities.  The tile man was so impressed with the children.  This morning I had to wake the oldest grandson to answer a question for the man, and he was so kind to the man who kept apologizing for having been the cause of him getting up and that he should go back to bed.  Our grandson told him, no problem, and I think went to play the piano.
 Gold Finch
There were just not any problems except trying to keep the youngest grandson from living on sugary products.  (Nothing new)  His internal clock tells him he should have a snack OFTEN.  His grandma tries to strike a proper balance.  Last night I asked him at supper if he wanted apple juice or Kool-aid.  He asked which had the most sugar.  Thankfully, he is the most active of the bunch and burns it all off.  He is a busy youngster and goes full-speed at all times.
 Bath time

So many times while I was there, I thanked God for my Cochlear Implant.  The youngest girl was just an infant when I lost my hearing and one of the things that bothered me was that I might not ever hear her voice.  Oh, I am so glad I can hear it.  She has the cutest voice and inflection in her talking that I would hate to have missed.  She has a great sense of humor (as do the others).  One of the first things I did when I got there was let her make the flower arrangements from the flowers I had picked the night before I went up there.  She quickly learned how to separate the colors into groups: one of pinks, purples, and white, and another group of reds, yellows, and oranges.  She would pick up an orange one and comment, "this a very dark orange", or "Isn't this a beautiful pink?"  There is one zinnia plant that has red flowers, but it is a shade that goes well in the pinks and purples.  I asked her if she liked it with the pinks or if she wanted in the other vase.  She thought and said, "I think it looks good with the pinks."
Construction crew also had to repair the kitchen ceiling
By now, I guess you have figured out that I had a great time with them.  There were times that got really noisy with the grand baby piano being played, the tile man stomping around above the kitchen, as he worked in the bathroom that was being repaired, the youngest grandchild singing while she colored, the Hot Wheels crashing against the fireplace, one of the three dogs barking, (only one barks much), and laughter rolling through the house.

Our youngest son, who lives in Dallas, called one day while I was there, just to chat as he was returning from a day trip to see a friend who had just had a brain tumor removed and he asked what was going on where I was as I was working in the kitchen while the tile man worked above my head, and as I kept checking the timer often for supper in the oven, the children asking if supper was ready, and someone was playing the piano.  He decided he would try again later.  (Good idea)

So I am home.  Tired, sleepy, but enjoying the memories.  Ron was not able to go with me and he would have enjoyed the visit.

Monday, July 25, 2016

July 24, 2016

A Super Sunday
July 24, 2016

What a mess this Green Jay is after 
taking a bath in the bird bath.

This Sunday was a great day.  I got up this morning to get ready for Sunday School and church.  Blueberry Muffins were the breakfast of choice and so I worked in the kitchen while the oven heated and then while they baked.  They were worth the wait. 

We had good attendance in Sunday School and an excellent lesson.  There were a couple of visitors and we are always glad to see new faces.
Great Kiskadee
Church was a special treat.  A young man (compared to us) shared how we can have a deeper relationship with the Lord through sharing our faith with others.  He and his family have served in several countries as missionaries.  The examples of God opening and closing doors was very hopeful in this world that sometimes seems upside down. 
After church we picked up lunch and again, Ron took lunch to his Mom while I ate mine and then got a nap.  As I have done a few times lately, it was a good nap but now I can't get to sleep. I have to be up in a few hours.

Once I was up I saw a note that Ron had gone to a meeting at the church.  I cut flowers and then went to Mom's to pick up our grandson's Ipod that he had left there recently.  Ron had gotten gas in my car, so I didn't have to do that.

I have packed to go to our son's for 3 days to care for the grandchildren while our daughter-in-law visits her dad with her sister.  The sister is a teacher and this is the last good chance before school starts.

This morning I had planned to go in the vestibule for the preaching, but instead ended up way in the back of the auditorium and did OK there.  There are several groups here this week to work in town, doing Vacation Bible Schools and other  activities.  They were all a little late for church and came in filling empty spots.  My row was almost empty, so I moved so they could have the row and went to the back.  Using my raido and the hookup, I heard well.
Funny thing happened this morning.  During Sunday School I had gone to the auditorium for a few minutes and noticed that the lawn sprinklers in one area were on, spraying water onto the sidewalk most people use to enter the auditorium.  It took a while to find someone who knew how to turn them off. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 22 & 23, 2016

Rain!  Rain! Rain!
Thank You, God!
July 22 & 23, 2016

Early afternoon rain shower in part of our town

Friday morning I got up and moving a little earlier than usual.  It still took me a while to get to the office.  I spent most of the day on bookkeeping activities and bill paying.  I plan to be out of the office Monday through Wednesday so I needed to take care of a variety of activities.

About 1:00, I went to pay the utility bill and pick up some lunch.  There were a few sprinkles of rain as I left the office.  About half way to the utility company the rain became heavy.  The outside lanes of the road were flooded but by the time I got to the area where the utility company was, the rain had stopped.  Since it had stopped, I was surprised that the road around the company were flooded.  That is an area not far from our house that tends to flood in heavy rains. 
Beautiful clouds after the rain
After paying the bill, I drove by our house to see if we had gotten a lot of rain.  We had, but we are not in a flood prone area.  The roads go down from our house.  We are in a high area.  It seems ironic that the utility company sits in a flood prone area.

Before returning to the office I got lunch for us and when I got back, Ron and I ate lunch together.  At the office, only the few sprinkles had fallen.  The roads were dry and hot.  I was thankful for the rain at the house, but many places around town were left without any and could really use it.
I love the almost neon, iridescent look
 of the purple in the middle of this flower
After work, I picked up Mom so we could go to supper together at Pepe's.  Ron met us there.  The food was good, the service is always good, and we had a good visit.  From there I took Mom grocery shopping.  I got some things for us and then took her home and carried in her groceries before heading home to do the same at our house.

It was 8:00 when I got home but still daylight so I cut the zinnias that were blooming and again picked about 100.  The flowers themselves are getting larger and they were thriving on the watering we had been doing along with the afternoon rain.

After arranging 5 containers of flowers, I relaxed watching TV and reading.  It was hard to believe it was really Friday.  Yea!
Four of the five arrangements from Friday evening
Saturday morning I slept until about 9:30.  Breakfast was first on the list and then a little cleaning.  I got some spaghetti sauce out of the freezer and began thawing it for our lunch.  Ron came in about 1:00 and I started lunch preparations.  We enjoyed the spaghetti and then Ron spent much of the afternoon working in the yard.  I sewed for a while and then napped for 3 1/2 hours.  Supper was late and simple.
Mother and baby chick Chachalaca
I am using the Cochlear mini mic more and more often with the television set so Ron doesn't have to put up with me having the volume up loud.  All in all it was a quiet day.  I did fill the feeders and ponds in the morning and took bird photos off and on all day.
I believe this is a baby long billed thrasher
The birds were rather camera shy today and I saw lots of varieties but got few photos of them.  We had green jays, wrens, tufted titmice, and woodpeckers that would not pose for photos.  I just snapped what I could while I was putting the border on a quilt.  It was a good day.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21, 2016

A Better Day
July 21, 2016

Mom and baby Chachalaca in the backyard this evening

As you have detected if you have been reading for the last couple of months, I have had trouble adjusting to some medications.  I take 3 or 4 that warn of drowsiness.  All added together, I have felt like a Zombie.  A couple of days this week I have actually not gone to sleep during the day.  I did put my head down on my desk for a few minutes this afternoon, but was more tired than sleepy.

This morning on the way to the office I made a quick stop at one business and actually got to the office about an hour earlier than most days lately.  I did clear the work space on my desk, prepared a bank deposit and took it to the bank.  I waited on a few customers.  Ron was in all day working on things that had been brought to the office.

Our daughter-in-law texted me late last night to see if I could come to their house next week to care for the children for three days.  Yes!  Sadly, Ron will need to be here and has things to do at the office.

Nothing unusual occurred at the office today - and that is not all bad.  I came home a little early.  I spent time in the yard setting sprinklers in places they were needed.  Ron's zinnia flower bed was wilting.  The heat is just so intense.  My zinnias are about to die and his are still producing generously.  I should have picked the batch that is ready this afternoon, but they needed the water instead, so I hope to pick them in the morning.
Fern in bloom

Again, I am watching the Republican Convention while doing laundry, dishes, and cleaning.  It has been interesting to see the hornet's nest one of our Texas senators stirred up with his speech last night.  I have just finished watching Donald Trump's speech.  Next week it is the Democrats' turn for their convention.
Sparrow having a late supper.