Saturday, August 19, 2017

August 19, 2017

More Time With the Grandchildren
and Trying to Catch up at Home and Office
August 19, 2017

Young Green Heron in our back yard 

Earlier this month, I was able to spend most of a week with the grandchildren in McAllen.  Their mother had to be out of town for the week and although our son was in town, he leaves very early for the office and often gets home very late.  I drove to McAllen on Sunday late afternoon two weeks ago and our daughter-in-law left before dawn Monday morning.  She was hoping to be home Thursday night, but it turned out to be Friday night.
 Two of the grandchildren
 (the two youngest in McAllen)

During the week, I mostly stayed at the house all the time.  The only children who had activities were the two oldest boys.  The oldest is working two jobs so he was not there most of the time and the second oldest had a couple of classes in the evenings and his older brother was able to take him.  All of the children went to church Wednesday night, but I had gone to Harlingen for a doctor's appointment and our oldest grandson had taken them to the church when I got back, so I had a couple of hours of quiet time.
Wonderful rain in McAllen
The children kept busy with a variety of activities and were really no problem at all.  I did make a trip early one morning to the store to restock dog food.  With three dogs they go through it in a hurry.  I made a couple of quick grocery store trips, and the rest of the time I relaxed and enjoyed the loving grandchildren.  We had a wonderful rain one day while I was there and it not only watered the city well, but it cooled things off by about 20 degrees!
Beauty after the rain
Ron had told me the week before I went to McAllen that our son, Dave, in San Antonio was coming for the weekend after my stay in McAllen.  It turned out we had both misunderstood thinking he was coming Friday night, but it was Thursday night.  Our son in McAllen assured me his wife would be home to cover things at their home and I could go ahead and leave Thursday night.  On Saturday we drove out to Laguna Atascosa and took a few bird photos and bought senior citizen lifetime passes to the National Parks for $10.  You can get yours this month only.
Green Jay
We had a great visit with Dave.  His family was busy with other obligations and could not come with him, but we had a good time and are glad he was able to get away for a few days.  Dave left Sunday afternoon.  We did a lot of "eating out," and Dave fixed a crock pot meal for us for Saturday evening.
Our son Dave
Saturday lunch at Longhorn Cattle Co.
Monday evening we drove to Harlingen to pick up Mom's car which our son had borrowed for a few days while he had some work done on his.  It was good to see he and his wife and we chatted in a parking lot where we had met for the car exchange.
This week has been busy as I worked to catch up from being out of the office the previous week.  I am always pleased when customers ask about how I am doing with my Cochlear implant.  They are curious and kind.  Often, they are asking because either they have a hearing problem or a family member does.  I am always glad to talk about my situation and so often they say they can't believe how well I do on conversations.  As I have said before, one on one is good if there aren't too many other noises around.
 Tree Ron took out today
Ron spent much of today working in the yard.  He mowed the back yard early this morning and then  worked on taking out a tree that was not in good shape and was hanging over the driveway.  It was a big job because the tree was so tall.  The yard is looking good and I appreciate all the work he has put into it the last couple of years to take out some trees that needed to go.  I worked in the yard off and on during the day and that is when I discovered a young Green Heron that allowed me to take photos.
 Down came the tree
I almost forgot to share the news that my mom is back home!  She left here in late April to attend the wedding of one of her granddaughters which was in North Carolina.  Then she and my sister Debbie spent a week traveling around that part of the country before flying to Idaho where my sister and her husband live.  
 Ground Squirrel
Seems to be a Mexican Ground Squirrel

Shortly after she got there, she hurt her back and then dealt with a couple of illnesses which left her very weak.  She was finally strong enough to make the long trip home this past Tuesday.  She is looking great, feeling great, and eager to get back to seeing friends and family.  My sister Janet came with her and stayed several days.  This afternoon I took my sister to the airport so she could return to her home and husband.
Ron at Longhorn Cattle Co.
Tomorrow evening, Mom plans to go with Ron and me to McAllen to attend the church where our son and his family are members.  Their oldest son will be preaching in the evening service and we would all like to be there for that.  
Green Heron
Monday I have another appointment with my lung doctor to see how I have done with the sleep apnea machine.  I can't really decide if it is helping.  It is not a major change, but a slight one and I can't decide if it is worth the hassle, so I will just see what the doctor says.  
Green Heron
You can see that I am not slowed by the use of my Cochlear implant.  I go to the office most days, I go to church most Sundays, I do my shopping, work in my yard (a little bit), and do most of the things I always did.  I don't enjoy large gatherings, but most other things are about the same as they have always been.  I am so thankful for the technology that allows me to hear.
  Where Ron has taken out several trees