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May 6, 2016

Mother's Day Comes a Little Early!
(Delayed Posting)
May 6, 2016

Mid-morning Friday, these arrived by Fed-Ex Delivery.  They had an ice pack and were in excellent condition when they arrived.  There were two boxes of hand-dipped cherries.  It was a Mother's Day gift from our youngest son and his wife.  What a treat!  They know I love cherries.

Ron's mother was still in the hospital so I went to open the office and he went to the hospital.  He is trying to be there when her meals are delivered so he can help her with them.  He said he was able to catch all of her doctors that day.  I worked on end of the month things and cleaning while Ron was out.  I was busier with customers than on the previous days this week.

Ron came back to the office for a while so I could eat my lunch returned to the hospital after I finished my lunch.  His mom was sleeping so her returned to the office until about 3:00 and then went again and stayed the rest of the afternoon. 

When it was time to close up and go to supper, I did not think Ron would take time to go with Mom and me.  But I called and he said he was ready for a break so we went to Pepe's (the new Mexican food place we like).  After that he returned to the hospital and I ran a couple of errands before going home. 

Ron's mother is improving and eating better. 
I can highly recommend this company.  
Quick, cold shipping!  Thanks, Stephen and Kristina.

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