Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016

The Middle of the Week
May 18, 2016

Ron loves sunflowers, so he planted some of them and some zinnias.
This was one of those sleepy mornings for me.  I finally got awake enough to get to work, but stopped and picked up breakfast on the way.  I spent the first couple of hours at work doing some updating on some documents in my files. 

Since I was so sleepy this morning, I didn't take a lunch to the office.  Ron had a job at 1:00 and I expected it to take him 30 minutes at the most.  The job was close to the office.  It turned out to be a major mess (don't put motor oil in your locks) and so by the time he came back it was too close to supper time to go pick up some lunch.

I stayed busy with customers while he was gone including three very impatient men (not together) who could not believe Ron was not there when they needed work done.  Some days are just like that.  I paid a couple of bills and cleared out the folder where I keep the bills.

Then we had supper this evening with our friends.  We have found the restaurant where we are currently going to be less busy on Wednesday nights than they are on Thursday nights.  The food was very good and we had a nice visit.
Then he planted zinnias.  I think he over did it a little. 
We need to thin them out.
After we ate, Ron went to spend time with his mother and I returned home to work in the yard for about 30 minutes.  The winds picked up while I was working.  As I mentioned yesterday the yard in becoming carpeted with beautiful orange flower petals from the Royal Poinciana Tree.

I could tell the wind direction by the flower petals.  They were way on the other side of the yard from where the tree is. 

This was a good day.  We have so much to be thankful.  There are days we stay too busy to take time to look around and thank God for the many blessings.  There is an author, who writes books I really enjoy, and she has a Facebook page that I follow most days.  On Wednesdays she has a prayer request time and encourages people to give their prayer requests and then to read the others and mark them "like" to indicate they are praying for that need.  I only have to read that list each week to remember how much we have to be thankful for.  

Ron's mother is making great progress.  She is feeling much better, getting up and around, enjoying the physical therapy, and gaining strength.  She is not wild about the food, but her plate is usually empty.  She knows she needs to eat to get stronger. 


  1. That last picture is a "Wow"!

    1. Thank you, the blooms on that hibiscus are amazingly beautiful. The plant is fairly small (had it about 4 years). Doesn't seem to grow much. Today it had 3 beautiful blooms on it. Glad you enjoyed it.