Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 19, 2016

May 19, 2016

Lovely hibiscus bloom about 1/2 way open.

Today I was to keep our two youngest grandchildren for a while in the middle of the day.  I assumed I was keeping them at our house.  It turned out it was to be at the office.  I do remember discussing with our daughter-in-law a while back that the two youngest had spent almost no time at our office.  Somehow I didn't remember (or hear) that today was going to be at the office.

So as I waited at the house, Ron sent me a text to say they had just arrived at the office.  I was dressed and left in just a couple of minutes to enjoy having them at the office.  They were both very good.  Our little grandson stamped a couple of hundred key blanks and was so pleased with himself.  He had a good time.  Our granddaughter enjoyed playing with a doll house I have at the office.  We found a bunch of finger puppets so she had a large "family" in the house.  Maybe it was a party.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse were there, Cookie Monster and Grover as well as Bert, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Woodstock were there, and several others.  She had a good time.
More blooms on the same hibiscus as yesterday.  
Three today.  So lovely!
The reason the children were with us is that our oldest grandson was playing the piano for a Christian Women 's Club luncheon.  It was going to be a 20 minute concert which was later changed to him playing while the guests were going through the buffet line and eating.  He said he played for 45 minutes.  He is a very gifted pianist and loves to play.

Before time for the children  to come, I spent about 3 hours doing some serious house cleaning and some laundry. I also did a little work in the yard during the morning and again after work.  That is a never ending job.
Beautiful miniature rose bud just opening today.

After our daughter-in-law picked the children up, I had to run by the doctor's office to get a renewal on a prescription.  Thankfully I was in and out quickly.  I picked up lunch/supper on the way back to the office (it was 4:00).

Then I had to get the prescription filled.  While they were doing that I went to the post office to mail a package and buy some stamps.  Then back to the drugstore and last, to the office.
 My zinnias continue growing taller.

At the house, it looked like we were going to get rain, but as often happens, it split and went around us and we only got a few sprinkles.  So I watered the zinnias and filled ponds and fountains.  The birds were all chirping and probably asking me to go back in the house so they could eat.

During the evening I talked to two sons and one daughter-in-law and since I had seen another daughter-in-law, that means I had contact with all the boys or their wives.  We are so blessed with wonderful sons and delightful daughter-in-laws.  

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