Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 17, 2016

A Very Quiet Day
March 17, 2016

*Spring is in full bloom
This morning Ron did not wake me before he left for the office.  It was 12:00 noon when I woke up.  I sent Ron a text to tell him I was up and could be there in a couple of hours.  He said he was working on a bid for a customer and for me just to stay home.  I returned to bed and laid there for 2 hours - not going back to sleep, but debating how much energy I had.  Obviously it was not much.

At 2:00 I got up and moved to the recliner with my Kindle after having just a little lunch.  I read until 5:00 and then sent Ron a text asking him to pick up chicken pot pies for supper and returned to the recliner.  It was about an hour before he got home with them.  I told him he did not need to eat with me - I do not want him to take this cold.

All day, I did not even put on the Cochlear sound processor.  I just relaxed and enjoyed the quiet.  The television was not turned on.  I did not go out in the yard or anything.  About 6:00 this evening, I started to feel a little better.  Again, it was a shame that I had a day off and didn't feel like sewing.

For a while this evening I did talk to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico and it was good to hear her talking about her preparations for a speaking engagement that she has the middle of next month.   She will do a great job, I am sure.

My day was better than yesterday.  The coughing was not as bad, and the fever I was running last night was gone.  So many friends have mentioned having bad colds recently.  I think it was mid-November when I had a spell of bronchitis, so I am hoping this goes away soon and does not end up in my chest.
* Today's photos were taken last Saturday at our son's home.


  1. Sometimes the best medicine is rest. Glad you had the chance to unplug from noise for awhile. Hope you are feeling better each day. As far as unplugging I have a friend who she and her husband have Do Nothing Wednesdays. They make no plans or appointments on Wed. They do not cook...just look in the icebox and see what's there. I'm thinking about putting a couple of Nothing days on my calendar.

    1. It was a real treat to have a Do Nothing Day, but I don't think I can get away with it very often since I still work full time. But sounds good!