Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9, 2016

To Sandbag or Not to Sandbag?
That is the Question
March 9, 2016

This morning things outside were dripping wet.  There had been a little rain over night, but not much.  I got to the office about 10:30 and I told Ron I would have been there sooner, but I spent time trying to photograph a Red-winged Blackbird that I had seen at the feeders.  He had normal coloring except that his right wing was WHITE!  I did not get a photo.  I hope he will return when I have time to get a good photo of him.

At the office, Ron left to go replace the windshield wipers on his mom's car so his sister could safely get his mom to the doctor for a checkup.  He had another errand to do while he was out.  When he returned, I worked on a bank deposit, took it to the bank, and then when I got back, he left to go to the island on a job.  I don't know why I can't do the jobs at the island.  He didn't get back until way after closing time.  It had been a quiet afternoon at the office and I got several things done.

I was late locking up the office just because I wasn't watching the time.  When I got home I had some yogurt and then took a nap.  When Ron got home he woke me and we both had supper.  During the evening I spent time working on the binding on the current quilt project. 

Ron came in and said he was going to the shop to put out the sandbags.  I had debated putting them out about closing time, but after checking the weather on the computer and looking at how hard it was going to be to put out the sandbags, I decided against it.  When he got home I had told him I didn't put them out and he said he thought it would be okay, but after an hour of lightening, thunder, and heavy rain, he changed his mind and made a trip to the shop.
I don't know what this bird is.  It is the same type as the photo below.
Our daughter-in-law in New Mexico called and we had a nice visit.  It is cold in the evenings at their place (about 35 tonight) and the days are about 60 degrees.  We should be 59 tonight, but the days lately have been warm.  Tomorrow will be cooler here.

I have to be up early for an appointment in Harlingen at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  Why did I think that was a good idea? 
?????  Any guesses?

Same bird - I saw 5 or 6 in the grass this morning.

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