Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 28, 2016

A Good Weekend Comes to an End
February 28, 2016

Sunday morning we were all up early and had breakfast together before going to church.  Ron and I always enjoy the church Dave and his family are a part of.  Dave sings in the choir and when his wife is there she runs one of the cameras.  We enjoyed the service and then went to Bill Miller Bar-B-Que for lunch.  David had a commitment that afternoon so we headed home following lunch.

Ron tried taking me a couple of places to shop for work clothes on the way home, but again I was not successful.  He offered to keep looking but I was ready to head home.

Ron did all the driving on this trip except when I went to visit  my friend on Saturday and the little bit of shopping I did  that afternoon.  He drove all the way home and it was a good trip without any problems.  The traffic was heavy, but moving well.  I read most of the way and napped a few minutes. 

It was good to get home and unload the car.  I think we both enjoyed the time away, but were ready to come home. 

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