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March 26, 2016

A Very Nice Saturday
March 26, 2016

Our granddaughter with her new quilt.

Saturday morning when I got up, my husband was not in the house, but his car was here.  I went to the kitchen and in the kitchen window sat a box of Shipley  donuts.  He loves me.  I found him working in the yard.  Eventually, in the next few months our public utility company is going to replace our power lines.  That is nice.  The only problem is that they are underground.  I like that they are underground except that about every 30-40 years, they need to replace them.  They need access to an area of our yard that has been over grown with large shrubs for years.  So we have both been working on the plants in that area. 
Planting the trees we took to our son.
Ron took out a couple of trees he dug up in that area, for our son Jeff.  He had said he wanted them.  Shortly after noon, we picked up Ron's brother and headed to McAllen to take the trees to Jeff and so Ron's brother could see where they live.  We got there about 2:30 and stayed until about 5:30.  The trees got planted and watered.  When we got there Jeff and his son who just turned 9 were putting a floor in one section of the attic for a storage area.  That little grandson worked hard and loved every minute of it.
Jeff's oldest daughter was in the family room when
 we arrived building with Legos at the table. 

Our grandson who was helping in the attic, had turned 9 just recently but they had to cancel his party because several in the family had gotten sick.  So we had taken his gift with us.  I gave it to him and he knew immediately without opening it, that it was Legos.  He set the gift down and said he would open it in a little bit.  I finally realized he had gone up stairs to clean his room and then he set up this little area in the photo with a little trunk to hold the package and a lamp to shine on the trunk.  He wanted to open it in a clear area so as not to mix the new set with any other Legos.  Sweet, smart little guy.
Our grandson opening his birthday gift.
We enjoyed seeing our son and the kids.  Our daughter-in-law was out of town and we didn't see her.  At one point I was out in the field behind the house and the horse came up to her feeding area.  I patted her on the nose and headed on to where the rest of the family was working on the tree planting.  The horse came around the other side of me trying to nudge me to the feeding shed.  She had thought I was coming to feed her and was not going to let me get away without doing the job.  It was so funny.  This is a very old horse and she knows what she wants but was not a threat - just a funny episode.

The Easter quilt for our youngest granddaughter was just a fun project - not any particular event  (not a birthday), but she didn't have a quilt for her regular sized bed now that she was no longer in the crib.   We took the quilt to her room and put it on the trundle bed she uses under her oldest sister's twin bed.
The new quilt on her bed

 I had finished the binding on the Easter 
quilt for our youngest granddaughter.

Close up of the back of the quilt.  
Bunnies playing in the flowers, and surrounded by bees.

After a nice visit, we came back to town and went to Pepe's, the same Mexican food restaurant where I had gone the previous evening with Mom.  Again, the food was good and it was not as crowded as the previous times I had been there. It was a good day.
 The Easter quilt

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