Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 15, 2016

Finished Another Quilt!!!
March 15, 2016

This quilt is crib size.  
It is the one I finished tonight.

The quilt I finished binding tonight is BRIGHT!  The colors are wild and I love it.  It is another one that I started years ago and for reasons unknown, I never finished it.  Dolores, my quilting friend, quilted in on a large quilting machine for me a few weeks ago. 

This morning since Ron had spent the night at his mom's last night, I had to get myself up.  I did fairly well and got to the office a little earlier than I did yesterday.  Before going to the office I did laundry and spend about 30 minutes in the yard.

At the office, I worked on a few little projects, but nothing of importance.  Our daughter-in-law had checked to see if I could keep some of the children part of the day tomorrow.  At first I had told her yes, but by the time I got home from work, I was was sneezing and coughing and guess I am coming down with a cold.  Yuck.

In the middle of the afternoon Ron went to pick up his brother at the airport.  He is here to help with Ron's mom for now until we can figure out how much help she needs.  She continues to improve.

At home I started working on the quilt, read a little, fixed supper and did another load of laundry.  My sister in Idaho sent a photo of it snowing in the mountains that she sees from her house.  It feels so much like summer is just around the corner here that it is hard to realize how many people are still having winter.

Some of the migrating birds are showing up, so I must keep the feeders filled and the camera ready.
Backing fabric.


  1. The quilt is fantastic! I love the bright colors and the design.

    1. Glad you like it. It is bright! I had another color chosen for the binding and then decided on this golden yellow, (the same as on your birthday quilt) and now I realize that the other would have been so wrong.