Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 20, 2016

Recovery Continues
March 20, 2016

Quilt top I finished this evening

Being sick any day and staying home, messes up my mental calendar.  There are certain things I do so routinely, and when I miss those activities it throws the whole week out of whack!  Today I stayed home from church.  My cold is better and I am feeling better, but when my sinuses are already messed up, perfumes, and other scented products can set off coughing or sneezing spells.  My cough continues.  It is better, but once it starts, it stays for a while.

It was about 10:00 before I got up.  I just sat in the recliner for the next couple of hours doing nothing except sitting; no reading, TV or anything.  Finally about noon I turned on the TV, sent Ron a text asking him to pick up something for lunch, and went back to sleep.  After he got home, we had lunch and then he took a nap.  I started looking for a quilt project to work on and came across one that I think I started last year.  It is an Easter quilt with bunnies and eggs and praises to God.  I was given a set of 5" squares in these fabrics, and ordered another set.  I had worked on it for our youngest granddaughter but did not finish it.  The top basically was complete, but it needed to be a little larger, so I spent the rest of the day enlarging it. 

A border had already been cut, but it was not going to increase the size enough and I didn't like the shade of yellow that it was made of, so I found a better yellow and removed the one section that I had done of the border last year and used the newer shade of yellow.  Then I selected fabrics for another border and cut them, sewed them and worked on that for hours.  I didn't even stop for supper.

Finally it was all done and is ready for my friend Dolores to pick it up to quilt.  I am pleased with it and hope to have it ready to deliver Friday when I take care of the grandchildren for the day.  I have another one ready to quilt but need to find backing for it. 

During a good bit of the evening I used the Cochlear mini mic hooked to the television and the volume set on mute.  Then Ron could not hear the shows, but I could.  It works so well.  I am pleased with it.  It does cause me some minor problems.  I went out to get the newspaper late this afternoon and heard someone talking.  It was the TV.  The system is supposed to work for a range of about 30 feet.  Somehow in the front yard there was a small area out by the mail box, where I could hear it. 

It was a relaxing day and I hear I missed an outstanding service at church.  Ron is going to get me a DVD of it.  He said it was great.

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