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February 24, 2016

It is Catch Up Time Again
February 24, 2016

Ron and I were out of town for a few days and I have a lot of blog catching up to do.  This past weekend in  Brownsville was Charro Days.  It is a time of parades and celebrations.  Too many of those events start right in front of our business.  We have found it is just too hard to run the business on the days when there are parades.  Thursday is the worst day for us because it is the school children's parade and the district starts setting up hours before the event, keeping us and our customers away from our business.  We have found it is just best to close during that time.

I was not at the office very long on Wednesday.  I took care of making a bank deposit and a few necessary chores, but then came home to pack.   We were able to leave about 4:30 to go to San Antonio to spend time with our son David.  We ate supper along the way and arrived at our son's home as his wife and nephew were finishing their packing to go to the State Academic Decathlon competition for the weekend.  Her niece and our son would be at home on their usual schedules. We stayed up late visiting and that was the only time we would have to visit with our daughter-in-law.

While driving to San Antonio, Ron and I did use the Cochlear mini mic so I could hear him more easily and it was very effective.

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