Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016

Back To Work
March 21, 2016

This morning I woke up before Ron got me up.  I did a few chores around the house, but was just moving slowly and it seemed to take me forever to get ready to go to the office.  Once I got there I really was feeling well, but talking much can bring on coughing spells.  Ron said he had a lot of desk work to do so would I take care of customers.  While waiting on the second customer, I got to coughing so badly that I had to leave and go get a drink in my office.  Ron came and said he would finish with the customer.

After the customer left, he asked if I needed to go home.  I assured him I felt fine but that the coughing spells come and go and I never know when one will hit.  He ended up taking care of most of the customers for me.

My friend with the quilting machine came by about 1:15 and picked up the quilt to be quilted.  She brought it back at 4:00!  Amazing!  She did a fine job on the quilt and now I just need to make the binding and get it put on.

I paid a few bills and then left the office a little early to go to the office supply store to get a few supplies.  It was about 5:30 when I got home.  I fixed supper and ate.  Ron was working late.  I did some cleaning in the sewing room and little by little, I continue to get things a little more organized.

Talked to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico.  Our son has been very sick with a "bug" going around.  Praying he will get over it quickly.  He has had a rough few days.

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