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March 14, 2016

Monday With No Pressure
March 14, 2016

My amaryllises are blooming.  What a joy to look 
out the window and see this splash of bright red.
Somehow, Monday was a relaxing day.  Here in the southern tip of Texas, it is Spring Break time and business was slow.  It was late when I got to the office, but Ron took care of most of the customers during the day.  He had to start his day early, picking up his mother's car to have the muffler replaced. 

He ran a couple of errands during the day, but for the most part, we were both in the office all day.  I did go to the post office during the late morning.  I think we each did a little cleaning and filled our trash cans.  There is so much junk mail that comes to our office. 

I left just about closing time and spent time in the yard working on the ponds and flower beds.  I am so pleased that my rose bed is doing well.  The flowers are so lovely and full even though they are miniatures and not full sized roses.  So far we have picked several pink ones, a yellow one and it looks like the next on will be red.  I love being able to hear the birds calling to one another when I am in the yard.
Another amaryllis
Ron worked late and got home about 7:00.  I had fallen asleep reading and he woke me when he came in.  He got cleaned up and then went to spend the night at his mother's house.  Ron's sister has gone home and his brother is due in Tuesday afternoon and will be staying with her for a while.  We will just have to see how much help she needs.  She is actually looking pretty good. 

Before going to bed I did a little sewing and have almost finished getting the binding on the current project.  I did a couple of loads of laundry and there are about two more to do so I will be caught up.  Then unloaded and refilled the dishwasher. 

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