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February 25 & 26, 2016

Fun in San Antonio
February 25 & 26, 2016

Our son is a very hard worker, teaching math to middle school children and another job that keeps him busy on Saturdays and in the summer.  Some of that work is done at home.  Here he is working long after his dad has fallen asleep, preparing an assignment for his students.

Normally our daughter-in-law takes her niece and nephew to school since they attend where she teaches, but she and her nephew left early Thursday morning the the Decathlon competition in the Dallas area.  Our son's school is in the opposite direction, so Ron took the lovely young teenage niece to school.  When he returned I had taken my shower and he brought breakfast with him, so I ate while he got ready.

We spent the day Thursday and Friday, going all over the San Antonio area visiting quilt shops.  While I would shop, Ron would wait in the car and read.  It was a beautiful day with a very comfortable temperature.  There were several things on my shopping list.  There is one brand of batting I use for my quilts and very few places carry it.  Our first stop was the only one in the San Antonio area that carries it.

Many people think there is no reason to go to several quilt shops because they assume all of them carry the same fabric.  With the 7 or 8 shops we visited over Thursday and Friday, I saw VERY few duplications of fabric.  If I saw something at one store that I liked, I needed to buy it there, because odds were, it would not be at any of the other shops.  In fact, we ended up Friday going back to the one shop that had the batting so I could get more.

Each shop is unique.  One is in a lady's home.  She is retired military and just kept buying more and more quilting things until she decided to open a shop.  Now, four rooms and the garage are overflowing with fabrics, patterns, and tools.  Another shop only sells fabric that is already cut into strips, or kits, etc.  They have no bolts of fabric in the shop.  They are connected to another shop where I often go and have bought a couple of sewing machines.  When I was in there, all clerks who were not busy with customers, were all busy cutting fabrics.  I guess they are for the second shop.  Another shop is in an old house in Alamo Heights and they carry a lot of fabrics depicting fiestas and celebrations.
Our son and his niece
Thursday afternoon, we picked up David's niece from school and then we all went out to supper when our son got home.  We went to the Alamo Cafe where we had the Rehearsal Dinner for our son's wedding 11 years ago.  On Friday night we went to a cafe called Jim's after our son picked up his niece.  We had a lot of good food on this trip and a lot of time to visit around the dining tables.  In some of the places, I used the Cochlear mini mic and it worked better in some places than others. 

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