Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8, 2015

Another Great Day
July 8, 2015

Today's progress on my scrap quilt
Some of you may wonder why I am stressing Great Days.  If you have been reading my blog for very long you know that I have been dealing with some depression.  For about 9 months I have been on medication and it has made a big difference.  Medication for depression does not change your circumstances, but it usually helps you cope with them better.  Most people who suffer from depression can not put their finger on one specific thing that they are depressed about - sometimes there isn't anything.  Sometimes it is several things.  Depression makes you unable to properly deal with those things.

When I first went to the doctor about mine, I told her that I knew it could be chemical or situational and that for me, I thought it was some of both.  With the medication I take, I am finally feeling like myself.  I felt an almost immediate improvement, but it has continued to improve.

Another thing that is helping is the allergy shots.  I am no longer taking daily antihistamines.  I have taken them a couple of times this week as we are having windy days that they tell us are bringing dust from the Sahara Desert.  Whatever it is, I am sneezing some and coughing some.

With the allergy shots my sneezes have been far less.  I recently stocked up on boxes of Kleenex at a great sale price, only to get home and find the cabinet full.  I am not using nearly as many as I used to!  That makes me feel better.

At the office, I am getting more done (there is still a lot to do), but I am also taking time for sewing.  In my little office, I make a mess when I do the sewing, but I enjoy it and it gets me away from just sitting at the computer all day.  Several of my doctors keep suggesting (?) that I try to walk some every day.  So far I have not been able to work that into my schedule on a regular basis, but while keeping the grandchildren I walked more and while at their house, I climbed a lot of stairs,  In San Antonio we did a lot of walking and stair climbing.  I just need a two story house.

Today after work, I went by Mom's house to pick her up to go to the grocery store.  We each did our shopping and then I took her home.  I came home, put up the few things I had bought and then ate my supper.  Ron didn't get home until later.  I was just heading out to mow the yard (more walking) when he came in.  He moved hoses for me, trimmed trees, and did the last of the mowing out by the resaca.  There was a nice breeze, but it was still hot.
Purse I bought that I am taking apart and remaking.  
This is the lining.  The end is in sight!

While at the office I waited on many of the customers so Ron could get some work done that customers had brought in to have done.  I don't know why it is that when he tells them if they want it today, he needs it by 9:00 a.m.,  that they never do that bring it until closer to noon.  Then he may be out on a job and they will tell me, "He said he could have it for me today."  Right...

While he was out, it was slow and I got 4 of the blocks made for the string pieced quilt.  I now have 106 blocks made.  I started on the border and got about 24 inches of it done. I can finally tell that one of the 3 boxes of fabric scraps at the office has less scraps in it.  Those scraps hold so many memories.  This has been a fun project.
The outside of the purse I am remaking.
A funny thing happened at the office today.  Funny isn't the right thing to say, I know, but it was funny anyway.  A couple came in to ask if Ron would work on their car locks.  We don't do that type of work any longer, but the man was trying to tell me where the car was and with his cell phone in his hand, he turned to point and hit is wife full in the face with the phone.  He immediately kissed her and asked if she was hurt.  She was laughing the whole time and I told her if she needed me to testify that he hit her, I would.  Thankfully, it wasn't serious, but it just made me think of comedy skits from shows like The Carol Burnett Show.  We used to laugh at such simple things.


  1. My medication for depression is my sewing machine. I pray for God to take the thoughts away then get busy on a project. Spent two weeks in the hospital in 1990, when our business was failing and the counsellors helped me figure out that solution. Reading a good book helps, too.....guess diversion is the answer. Haven't had to take pills in several years now!

    1. Great, Tiny! Glad you are able to be free of the medications for it. Reading doesn't help mine - if anything it feeds it. When I am very depressed I can't focus mentally enough to sew. Yard work helps but this year's weather has not cooperated on that. I am on a low dose and don't know how long before I will feel like I am ready to get off of it.