Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31, 2015

A Cooler Ending to July
July 31, 2015

This morning we had beautiful clouds.  They were so pretty, that right after I backed out of the garage, I stopped the car and got out my camera.  July was a very hot month and almost everyone in town is complaining about the electric bills.  Today the clouds thickened as the day wore on and the temperatures were about 10 degrees cooler than the previous few days. 

I had to run some errands around noon and was pleasantly pleased when I stepped out the door of the shop.  It was a welcome change.  Of course, sometimes there is a price to pay for the good things.  The price was that we could not see the moonrise for the Blue Moon tonight.  

We were up early for my allergy medication at 5:00 and shots at 6:00.  I did better on them today.  Ron left for the office early.  He had a safe to deliver this morning and wanted to get it loaded into his car before he opened the office.  I took my time and read a little, while my hair dried after my shower.  I had taken care of the birdbaths and feeders in the yard early this morning.
 Mid-morning sky today
Once Ron left to deliver the safe, I started sewing and  almost finished 4 of the string pieced blocks.  I hope to finish them tonight.  Ron came back about noon and I worked on a deposit to take to the bank.  When it was ready, I took the deposit and then went to pay the Discover bill at Sears.  From there I stopped at the pharmacy to order the syringes for my allergy shots.  They should be here Monday.

Back at the office, the mail man came, bringing a couple of checks, so I took them to the bank since it was the last day of the month and I wanted the deposit to show for this month.  When I returned, I did the posting for the month and printed the statements to mail to our customers.  I got them finished just before closing time.

We met our friends for supper and had a good visit.  On our way home, I asked Ron to pull over so I could photograph the beautiful sunset.  It was about the only portion of the sky that had a break in the  clouds.  When we got home, I again filled the birdbaths and watered some of the hanging plants.  It was a relaxing evening.

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