Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 29, 2015

Summer Reruns
July 29, 2015

An early evening moon rise

In years past, when we talked about summer reruns, it was reruns of the popular television shows during the summer months while the stars took a break from filming.  My summer rerun is that today was much like yesterday - with a few exceptions.  One exception brought a funny start to my day.

Today was a day for my allergy shots and it had been decided last week that I would get up early and take an antihistamine one hour before the allergy shots.  Ron and I agreed I would get up at 5:00, take the medication and we could both go back to sleep until 6:00 when I  would take the allergy shots.  I set my alarm for 5:00 before going to bed last night and when it went off, I didn't disturb Ron, I just got up and took the medication.  Following that I returned to bed, reset the alarm for 6:00 and went back to sleep without ever waking him. 

Later, he woke me up and told me it was 5:00.  I told him I already had taken the medication so he could go back to sleep until 6:00.  I looked at my clock and it said it was 7:00.  Yikes!  I had slept until 7:00 and needed to get up and do the allergy shots.  Ron said no, it was 5:00.  Well, when I set my alarm last night, I messed up the clock and moved it by 2 hours.  So when it went off at 5:00 (according to the clock) it  was really 3:00 a.m.  Are you totally confused?  Ron was.  Anyway, I told him to go back to bed and wake me at 6:00 and I reset my clock this time to the correct time.
Ron's mother's Golden Shower tree continues to bloom 
and these clusters reach all the way to the ground. 

So my night was filled with interruptions.  I was so tired after I gave myself the allergy shots, that I ended up going back to sleep which they recommend against, but I could not keep my eyes open.  Later, I got up and had breakfast, took my shower, got ready for work and got there later than usual.  Ron was boxing up all the locks he had done for the place on the island.  I helped with customers since he was trying to finish up that job.  Then a customer came in looking for a safe and I had Ron help him. 

Ron was out on jobs almost all afternoon.  I had spent the morning on customers and working on attaching receipts to credit card bills for the last two months.  I spent the afternoon paying bills, helping customers and going through some files.  Again, I did not have time to sew.
Not only are clusters of flowers in the Golden Shower Tree touching the ground,
 they are continuing to bloom high in the tree.  It is lovely.
When we closed, I went by to check on Mom, but she was napping and I only had a few minutes before I was to be at Ron's mother's house for supper, so I did not wake her.  Supper was great bar-b-que from Rudy's and we enjoyed it.  Shortly after supper I left and came home.  Ron stayed to install and window unit a/c for him mom in her bedroom.  Hers had quit working. 

My evening was relaxing and I read for a while.  I didn't feel good after supper, so I decided just to relax.  Our daughter-in-law Vickey called and we had a nice visit with a lot of laughs.  I think it must be bedtime.

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