Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

Busy With Bookkeeping
 at the Office
July 27, 2015

Today was allergy shot time.  I did get up and take the antihistamine by 5:00 this morning so I could do the shots at 6:00 and hopefully have less negative reactions.  It did go better.  I had also taken a different antihistamine before going to bed last night.  I did have some hives, redness and itching at the site of the shot containing the mold serum, but very little of the stomach upset. 

Ron had a job in Harlingen, so I had to go in a little early.  I had showered early and spent a little time in the yard, filling the bird bath that Ron replaced the pump on yesterday.  The pump turned out to be too strong, so we lose some of the water and have to be careful to keep it filled.  The birds are happy to have it back in operation.

Ron left for Harlingen shortly after I arrived at the shop.  He was working on a bid for a job.  I waited on customers, paid bills, balanced my personal check book, placed a couple of orders, and generally caught up on office work.

One customer who came in while Ron was gone ended up staying almost an hour talking and talking.  He was a fairly young man - probably about 30 years old, and has a couple of autistic children.  First we were talking about that.  It sounds to me like he is an excellent father who is very involved with his children and their education.  We talked about his dad who works in Mexico and the dangers over there.  We just had some interesting conversation topics. 

One thing that came out to me during that discussion, is how unprepared most of our churches are to meet the unique needs of special needs children.  These children need to be in church and their parents not only need the teaching of God's Word, but the adult fellowship that they rarely have time for while caring for these children.  When trying to attend services, this man or his wife would often be called out of the service to help with their children until they decided just to stay home.  Now a family from a group that does not teach truth, comes to their house every Sunday afternoon to share their misinformation.  It was very convicting as he shared how kind this family is to them.  We in the churches are failing in this area.

After he left it was past time for my lunch, but only my Jell-o agreed with me, so it was a quick, light lunch.  Then I returned to bookkeeping.  I had a deposit to make, mail to deal with, some invoices to research, and on and on.  I stayed busy at my desk all afternoon.  I sewed for about 15 minutes and finished two blocks I started last Friday.  I now have 130 of the string pieced blocks.

I left the office a few minutes early and went to the bank and then to the grocery store.  I needed some additional things I could take to the office for my lunches.  I ran into a couple that we are friends with.  Last night I had sent a message to the man asking him to help identify the bird in the picture at the opening of yesterday's blog.  He had messaged back he thought it was a curve-billed Thrasher.  We discussed it at the store and I let him know that I appreciated his help.  I will go back and add that to the blog entry for yesterday.

Once I got home, I had supper after putting away the groceries.  I spent some time in the yard again filling the bird bath and watering all the hanging baskets and potted plants.  I have seen no activity around the woodpecker nest in several days.  I hope we have not lost another woodpecker baby like we did a couple of years ago. 

Ron was staying late at the office working on some locks for a place at Padre Island.  He had to order things for the job but worked on what he had on hand already.  It has been a long day for both of us, but I think we both accomplished a lot.   

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