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July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday, America!
July 4, 2015

The 4th of July found Ron and me on the road early in the morning - not as early as planned.  We were headed to San Antonio.  Since I forgot to take my laptop computer, this posting is late, but I just wanted to share a variety of things from the day.  Ron and I had both agreed we needed a relaxing break.  The last few weeks it seemed so much had been going on that we really wanted to have time to unwind.  It had been way too long since we had see our son David and his family so this was a perfect time to do that. 
All of these fireworks photos are ones I took from David's neighborhood.
We arrived in San Antonio just before noon and went to a quilt store that I love that was having a very good 4th of July sale.  I found a few things that I wanted.  While I shopped Ron had contacted David and he arrived to spend the afternoon with us.  His wife was not feeling well, so she and the kids stayed home.  Our next stop was a fabric store where I found a couple of things I wanted - non quilt related.  Our next stop was at a What-a-Burger for lunch and visiting. 

As we took both cars, I rode with Dave so we could visit as we drove, and he and Ron visited as I shopped.  At the next quilt shop, I found a variety of things I wanted.  We stayed until they locked the doors.  Following that, we made a stop at Lowe's where Ron and Dave shopped.  Next on the list was Target.  When we arrived at Dave's house, Diana was feeling up to eating a little bit, so we went to Chili's for supper.

The service was good and so was the food.  We had a fairly quiet corner and the noise didn't bother me too much.  We also had a quiet corner at lunch and I could hear fine.  The kids and Diana enjoyed playing on the little computer consoles on the table and kept me entertained watching.  Ron, Diana, and I were content with soup while the other side of the table ate more substantially.

Diana and the kids went home after supper, while Ron, Dave, and I ran another errand or two.  We returned to Dave's and chatted until it got dark.  Then David, Dee, and I went outside to watch the fireworks surrounding their part of town.  They live not too far from Sea World and from Fiesta Texas.  Both places were having fireworks displays as well as at least a couple of other big shows that were going on.  There were fireworks in the distance to the east, two different displays to the north, and one to the southwest, as well as individuals setting them off closer.  Two very large ones exploded right overhead as we were out walking. 

We probably spent at least an hour out walking and of course I was taking photos.  It was a nice evening and we had a good time.

Dave and Dee went to check on a different viewing spot while I stayed
 at a place where I had a good shot at some of the fireworks.  
Here they are coming back after all the shows were over.

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