Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Home Again
July 6, 2015

Huge tree on the grounds at the Alamo
Today, Ron and I got up about 6:45 to get ready to come home after our weekend in San Antonio.  It was a nice morning there with clouds, keeping the temperature down a little.  We got the car loaded and went about a mile before Ron remembered his briefcase.  We returned to David's house to get it and left again.  The trip home was good.  We did stop at a couple of places for food.  Bill Miller Bar-B-Q places are usually on our list.  There is one just south of San Antonio that is the best I have tried.  I bought some brisket there to have for lunches later this week. 
Crepe Myrtle on the River Walk
There either was no time for photos today, or nothing interesting, but the ones I am using were from yesterday and I didn't get to use them. 
Building next to the Alamo
I realized that I had not  covered some of the hearing issues over the two days in San Antonio.  When things are very crowded such as in the mall, the noises seem to become so loud that the sound processor takes them down and I am not being bothered by them.  The down side is that it also takes down the voices around me. 
 More of the view along the river
 Ron had commented that the hand dryer in the restroom was very noisy.  I told him I did not feel that way about the one in my restroom.  Then later in the day when I was in there I realized the sound processor had taken the noise down so I was not hearing it as loud as Ron was.
Bridge over the river
In restaurants we were blessed to mostly end up in relatively quiet settings.  I am still only able to hear those right around me and often I will find that I can't figure out one word in a sentence and without that key word, I am at a loss.
Aztec sculpture along the river
We drove home today and it was an uneventful trip which is good.  Ron was tired and went to bed when we got home shortly after lunch and slept the rest of the day.  I caught up on blogs and then went to Mom's to see how she was doing.  She was doing well.
Flower bed of Zinnias along the river

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