Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16, 2015

A Relaxing Day at the Office
July 16, 2015

Ron was out of the office much of the day, today.  I waited on several customers while he was out, but all were quick, easy requests that I could handle.  I took in a few things for him to do for tomorrow for the customers.  There were some requests for things that had to be ordered and he said he had taken care of those.  So I did not have a large number of things to do for the business. 

While Ron was out, I did clean a little at the shop.  A customer this morning wanted to buy a mailbox that we had on display.  I had intended to clean it this afternoon after I ate my lunch, but Ron was in briefly and needed to box it up while he was there, so I cleaned it as much as I could while he was doing that.  That was a good sale and we had a couple of other good sales on things he has ordered for tomorrow.  It was a good day.

There was time for me to do some sewing.  I got 7 blocks of the scrap string pieced quilt made, bringing my total to 127 blocks.  I also got two more segments of the border made.  It is coming along.  I must decide on the finished size I want to make the quilt.  I think I want 23 more blocks.  Maybe even 34.  I guess I will just keep making blocks for a while.  Twenty-three more would make the quilt 68" x 92"; Thirty-four more would make it 74" x 92".  I am not running low on scraps.

After work, I went by Mom's briefly before going to meet Ron at our house to go to supper with friends.  We had a good time with them.  It had been too long since we had been together and we all had so much to catch up on.  We spent a couple of hours chatting and eating.  It was a good evening.

Back at the house, I talked to our son and his wife in New Mexico.  He had just gotten back from a trip and was glad to be home.  It sounds like he had a productive trip.  We look forward to seeing them next month when all of our family will gather for a few days together as a delayed celebration of our 50th anniversary.

Conversations on the phone continue to give me so much trouble.  I had one customer that I needed to contact Ron about this afternoon while he was out, but I could not understand him on the phone.  I had trouble understanding our son also.

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