Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19, 2015

Time For Church Camp
For the Youngest Bunch
July 19, 2015

Ron and I slept a little later than planned since I needed to do my allergy shots, but we managed to make it on time to Sunday School.  That was amazing.  Several things besides church and Sunday School were going on this morning.  The youngest bunch of church campers headed out this morning about the time the worship service started, on their way to the camp on Lake Mathis, not too far from Corpus Christi.  Three of our grandchildren were in the group.
This little camper was tired before he started out
Our grandchildren who recently moved to McAllen came back to go with the church group.  They were excited, but also tired.  They had been up too late and had to get up extra early to come from McAllen.  I went to take photos and had to look around for a bit to find them and it was so hot and muggy outside!  I felt baked by the time I finished and they were still waiting when I went on to my class and to church.
The campers are ready to go
Barb and the two youngest children came to the service after the others left for camp and the second oldest of the boys was there, but with the youth.  I think his group goes to camp next week.  The summer is flying by!
Barb and the youngest in their family
After the service, we stayed a long time visiting with friends.  Then Barb and the three children, my mom, and Ron and I went to Luby's for lunch.  We stayed a long time after we ate, visiting, but then headed different directions as Barb and the children headed to the beach for the afternoon.  We took Mom home and then Ron and I came home.  He changed clothes and went to make a hospital visit to one of our class members who is in the hospital following a fall on Friday.
Lunch at Luby's
Then he worked in the yard for a while and cleaned up a trap to take to Mom's to try to catch a varmint that has been digging up her flowers.  We took it over there and he set it up for her and we returned home.

My afternoon was spent much as the previous one had been - going through my finished quilt tops to prepare some to be machine quilted.  I got two ready to give to the lady who will work on them.  I pulled out fabrics I had bought recently that I had not washed, and got most of them washed and dried this afternoon.  I like to do that so they will be ready to use when I take them off the shelf.
This is the church gym which is 35 years old this summer.  The original carpet was taken up this week and tile will replace it next week.  
The carpet lasted very well.  
That room has had a lot of heavy use during those years.
About 7:30, Barb brought the second oldest of the children to spend the night here.  She and the two youngest ones are staying with her sister.  Barb will take me to the hospital tomorrow morning for my test and bring me home when I am finished.  Since I will be sedated, I can't drive tomorrow at all.  I appreciate Barb helping out on this so Ron can be at the office.
Jeff's youngest son.
No eating or drinking after midnight for me, so as soon as I finish this, I am going to bed.  I will need to be up early.  I am wondering what they will do about my Cochlear sound processor in the morning.  I took it off for the elbow surgery since I was going to be knocked out, but tomorrow, I will not be totally out and if the doctor has instructions for me, I will need to have it.  I will let you know what they do.

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