Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015

A Friendly Evening with Friends
July 21, 2015

This morning I woke up just before 6:00, a couple of minutes before my alarm.  I gave myself my two allergy shots and worked in the kitchen for a while before taking my shower.  Then I curled up in the recliner and was asleep for the next 1 1/2 hours.  Not what I had planned for the morning.

Once I was at the office, Ron left on a job and I worked on the few things that had stacked up on my desk while I was out of the office yesterday for my test procedure at the hospital.  I forgot to mention one very nice conversation I had with one of the male nurses.  He was a very happy man, probably in his early 40s.  One of the conversation starters I often use with people in the medical field is, "How long have you been doing this?"  If it is not long, they are often hesitant to tell me for fear I won't want them working on me.

This man told me that he had been doing it for about 8 years.  Knowing by his looks that he had to be well past 30, I asked what he did before he became a nurse.  He had been a security guard.  To me going from security guard to nurse is a big jump, so I asked if it was something he had wanted to do for a long time, or why he chose to be a nurse.  It seems most of the people in his family are involved in medical care in one way or another and he had wanted to do it but could not afford to go to school for it.  His wife encouraged him, but his shift constantly rotated and the boss would not help him with the shifts so he could go to college. 

Then after 9-11, money was tight at the company he worked for and he was laid off, BUT, he was given a one year salary as part of the severance package.  With his wife's encouragement and help, he went to nursing school.  In fact if I understood correctly, he and his wife both went - while having small children at home.  They worked hard and reached that dream.  He loves his work and from my view, is very good at it.  He was such a nice man.

I shared with him a story my husband often tells about his dad having to make a change in career plans.  I told him that after WWII, Ron's dad started working as a share cropper, as his dad had done.  Before long his mule died and there was no way for him to plow his field.  He could not afford to replace the mule.  What seemed like a tragedy, turned out for the good in God's plan.  He used his G.I. Bill and went to college and raised four children who all have college degrees and then had grandchildren who graduated from college, many with advanced degrees.  What would their life have been if the dad spent his life as a share cropper?

I told this man that God had provided for him to get the job of his dreams by closing one door very firmly, but with it (as with Ron's dad) provided the financial means to reach that dream.  Sometimes what we think is a tragedy may be God showing us something better.  The man teared up as he focused on God's part in his life's direction.  Glad we had time to talk. 

Back at the office...Ron came in from his job shortly before noon and asked me to run an errand for him.  The errand ended up taking well over an hour.  When I got back he left on another job.  He said it was one of those jobs where anything that could go wrong did go wrong.  I spent the afternoon waiting on customers, paying some bills, and organizing my "to be paid" folder. 

I saw a video on Facebook on how to make a new quilt block and of course wanted to try it right away.  I was able to cut out the squares for the block, but didn't make it until during our quilt group meeting tonight.  It is the one at the top of the page. The block is called the 3D pinwheel block and I enjoyed making it but am not sure how many I would want to make.  They might be cute scattered with other squares in a baby quilt.  I will make a few more and see what I think.  I did not have time to sew at the shop any today.  I didn't have time for my lunch (soup) until 3:00 and it was almost 4:00 before I gave up on it and tossed the last of it out.  I don't care for cold soup.

It was almost closing time when Ron came back and I had mail to take to the post office and I went by the drug store to see if my prescriptions were ready.  One was not ready and the other had not been called in yet.  I hurried home and put out food for the birds before putting some chicken breasts on to cook and making some pudding. 

At 7:00 the quilters arrived and we had a relaxing evening with one telling about her vacation and another telling about her daughter's wedding.  One had bought a very old quilt at a flea market for $5!!!  She had washed it and it was in pretty good shape.  She was also starting on a new project and we talked about it.  I helped Carmen some on her quilt, but she was frustrated at needing to redo some squares. 

After the group finished,  I took Mom and Carmen home and Ron drove Mom's car home.  He had been using it while his was being repaired.  He put it in her garage and then we came home.  When we got home I chopped up the chicken I had cooked and chopped up some grapes.  Hopefully I will get some chicken salad made in the morning.

I am feeling fine this evening.  Throat is a tiny bit sore, but much better than yesterday and even better than this morning.  I was able to see photos and a couple of videos of the grandchildren who are at camp this week.  Technology is great!

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