Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015

Windy Wednesday
July 22, 2015

One of the first sights to greet me this morning was this baby Golden-fronted Woodpecker peeking out of the nest for the first time that I am aware of.  He (or she) was rather vocal in letting the parents know that food was not being delivered in a timely manner. 
It was fun to watch the food being brought to the noisy 
baby and good to be able to hear the noisy baby.  
They eat a varied diet of bugs, berries, and citrus.
Here is the dad, taking a brief break from the breakfast catering.
This morning I made a big bowl of chicken salad and cleaned the kitchen before getting my shower and heading to work.  During the morning Ron was out briefly and I went to the drug store to pick up a couple of prescriptions.  Then during the afternoon when I wasn't waiting on customers, I did a little sewing and some cutting of strips for more blocks.
Dad is back to delivering breakfast.
This was one of those days where the wind was strong from just the right direction to blow our office door open often during the afternoon.  The door chimes would ring and the strobe light would flash and no one would be there.  Ron was out on jobs most of the afternoon and so I would have to constantly check to see if someone had come in.  There were quite a few customers during that time, but not all of the door chimes were announcing customers.
Here, Dad is stuffing the food down the baby's throat.  Yuck!

Our three young campers were due back today from church camp and that meant our daughter-in-law would be in town to pick them up.  I invited them to supper since she had to stay for a meeting about the church camp the oldest two boys are going to next week.
Our youngest grandchild, playing with blocks that belonged to Ron as a child.
We had chicken salad for those who wanted it and the rest got grilled sandwiches.  We visited over supper and then Barb left with two of the children to run errands while one was at youth activities for the evening, followed by the meeting.
The granddaughter who is addicted to the sewing machine got to work right after we ate. 
That left us with the four youngest children.  I had told her to bring clean clothes and I would see that they got baths while they were here.  Well, I got 3 of them to take baths.  Then she picked them up and had to return to the church to finish signing forms for the trip before she had to drive back to McAllen.  So sorry she is going to be so late getting home tonight.
She sewed all evening, making doll clothes that it turned out 
would not fit Barbie, so she made a doll that could wear them.

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