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July 24, 2015

Full Friday 
July 24, 2015

Since I slept so late Thursday, I woke up extra early Friday (4:45 I think).  I got up and did some work, showered, and then got ready to go to the office.  Ron had an early job promised so I had to be there earlier than usual.  I spent part of the day cleaning my desk.  The desk needed clearing of stacks of papers and needed cleaning with cleaning products.  It is so much nicer now than when I started.  There is still one stack of papers on the end of the desk, but that is minor compared to what it was.  I spent time waiting on customers while Ron was gone and also when he got back as he worked on writing bills and proposals for jobs.

He made a trip to the post office and then when he got back, after lunch, I went to the doctor for my monthly check-up that I have to have for one of my medications.  I had the appointment scheduled for Saturday morning, but wanted to go to Harlingen Saturday morning for the graduation for our grandson at the Marine Military Academy.  The doctor's office said just to come in Friday afternoon anytime.

I was able to see both the doctor and the allergist.  I have been having reactions to this series of allergy shots and was able to catch the allergist and get her suggestions.  One of her suggestions did not please me.  It is that I get up an hour earlier to take an anti-histamine an hour before the shots.  Actually she said get up at the same time but delay the shots an hour.  That puts me that much later getting to the office.  So I will try getting up earlier.

The nurse practitioner was who I saw instead of the doctor, and I like her, so that was fine.  She checked on several things and asked about the visit to the gastroenterologist and the hospital for my mammogram. The mammogram results were fine and I updated her on the procedure done this past Monday.  I am sure she will get copies of both but I took her copies of what I had been given.

On the way back to the shop, I got gas in the car and when by my mom's for a piece of my sister's birthday cake.  Mom is doing well and we talked a few minutes before I left to go back to the office.

Back at the shop, I prepared a bank deposit which Ron took while I finished some bookkeeping chores.  Then I paid a couple of bills and left just before closing time to go to the post office and then to pick up Mom for supper.  Ron met us at Jason's Deli and we had good food and a good visit.

We were both tired when we got home and went to sleep early; that is why this blog is a day late.  You won't want to miss the next one with photos from Marine Military Academy on Saturday.  

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