Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015

The Middle of Summer
July 15, 2015

Calabicitas con Leche Soup
This afternoon I had a customer who brought along a youngster, I assume it was his son.  The little boy will be going into 5th grade and was as cute as could be.  He just could not keep from smiling.  I asked him how his summer was and the smile got wider.   He said it was great.  His favorite subject is Science.  The future of our country.  When we look at the big picture of the future of our country, it can be discouraging.  Sometimes we need to move in a little closer to see a tiny portion of that picture and see there are some happy and bright youngsters who will someday be leaders (or followers) in our communities.  We need to take every chance we can to let them know we value them. 
Suppertime for the woodpeckers and for me
This morning was another of those mornings when I was slow getting started.  On the way to the office I talked to our daughter-in-law and she is going to spend Sunday night here and take me to the hospital Monday morning for my tests.  Four of the children will be off at camp and two will spend the night with her sister, so that just leaves her and one of the children to be here.  As soon as I got to the office Ron left on a job or two.  I had an allergist appointment for 1:00 so he had to be back in time for me to get to that.  I waited on customers and balanced the shop checkbook while Ron was out.

Once Ron was back, I left to go to the doctor's office.  I guess the doctor is off on Wednesday afternoon and so it was very quiet as I waited for the allergist.  Today I started a new level of the serum for the allergy shots.  I reacted with a patch of hives almost immediately after taking the shots.  I picked up lunch on my way back to the office and when I got there I shared it with Ron before he left on more jobs.

Ron was out the rest of the afternoon and I had to lock up at the end of the day.  Our yardman came in just before closing time and stayed for a while to visit.  He is a nice man and loves the Lord.  He is always willing to stop and chat in our air-conditioned office when he comes to collect. 

At the house, I put out citrus for the woodpeckers and made a big pot of Calabicitas con Leche Soup for supper.  It was delicious and I enjoyed it.  While I ate it, I watched the woodpeckers taking food to their nest.  Ron got home late from preparing things for some jobs tomorrow.  He will have a long day.

About 9:00 I started feeling bad and I think it is an allergic reaction either to my shots this afternoon or something I ate either for lunch or supper.  I have a few hives and so as per instructions from the  allergist, I have taken Benadryl and will soon be sleeping. 

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