Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5, 2015

Some Family Fun
March 5, 2015

This morning I was in no hurry to get to the office.  As bad as the weather was, I did not expect Ron to be very busy.  I arrived there about 10:30 after spending time in the backyard caring for the birds and chasing the Whistling Ducks away.  Of course they only stay gone until I go in the house, but it seems to be a game we play.

At the office, Ron was busy when I arrived and so I helped out a bit and then got a text from our daughter-in-law needing a plan for her two youngest for the afternoon since the others had piano and they all had just been in the car traveling off and on for a week.  I suggested she bring them to the office.  The two little ones had never stayed at the office and know very little about the office, so Ron and I agreed it would be a good idea.

Before they arrived I made a trip to Mom's doctor's office to check on a medication.  His nurse was so helpful and later called to let me know what the doctor said.  Little by little she is getting off most of the medications and getting a good balance on the others.

When the grandchildren arrived about 1:00, they had not had lunch, but had their lunches with them.  They chose to play first for 30 minutes or so and then eat.  I keep a variety of toys at the office and they had not played with them, so they had a good time going through the box of toys.  They had lots of creative fun.  Then they ate their lunches and the older of the two went off to help his grandpa.  To be like Grandpa, he put on Grandpa's hat and picked up his cane and walked off to the workbench.

Our grandson worked hard all afternoon.  Our granddaughter helped me clean doors and do some dusting.  They were willing workers and we had a good time.  Our granddaughter tried to take a nap a couple of times, but it didn't happen.

Our granddaughter talks - a LOT.  She is fairly clear in her speech, but a little soft spoken.  Several times I had to ask her brother what she had said.  He can be heard!  Quiet is not a term used to describe him. 

Mom emailed me about this time to asked about supper and she wanted to include Jeff's family.  Barb was glad for the invitation since she had not made it to the grocery store yet.  When Barb came to get the two little ones after piano, we traded them for the next 3 up the age scale.  Before going to supper I  needed to go to Sears at the mall to pay the Discover bill.  I took two of the children with me leaving the oldest of the group with Ron.  We all agreed to meet at 6:30 for supper at Luby's.

We headed to the mall while Ron and the oldest granddaughter went to the drug store to pickup a prescription for his mom and to take it to her.  I paid the bill, the kids and I looked around at Sears for a bit and then we went to get my mom and Carmen for supper.  We arrived just before 6:30 and Ron was there waiting with his helper.  Jeff, Barb and the two youngest arrived and we had a great supper and a wonderful visit. 
Oldest granddaughter
We are so thankful for these wonderful children.  We are thankful Mom was up to going to supper.  She continues to make steady progress.  We do all have a good time together.