Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29, 2015

A Great Sunday
March 29, 2015

Black-bellied Whistling Duck
Today was a great Sunday!  The Sunday school lesson was very well taught (by my husband), church had a good crowd (as we did in Sunday School).  The pastor brought a very good sermon as he continues in a series called Foundations.  The sermons remind some of us and teach others what the foundations of our faith are all about.  It was just a very good sermon.

This morning I met a couple of new people at church.  Both of them had been coming for a while, but when I would see them, I knew I would not be able to  hear.  One had not been in church the last two Sundays and she said she had been out of town.  The other had been in our church many years ago and is back following some serious medical issues.  It is so hard for me to meet new people knowing I may misunderstand what they are saying, but I am trying.

After church we went to lunch with Jeff's family - or at least most of them.  The three oldest boys wanted to go home for leftover pizza instead of going to Luby's.  Those of us who went had a good time.
 Time to decorate Easter Eggs for the hunt next Sunday evening
The two oldest girls came home with us.  The oldest of them has a loose tooth that is giving her some pain.  She wasn't too sure she wanted to come, but as soon as we got in the car and I asked if they would decorate some Easter Eggs for me, and she cheered up.

I think they did a nice job of their decorating. 

 Then the second oldest (9 years old) sewed for a while.  

We enjoyed watching the birds and ducks.  

During their decorating time, I finally finished the quilt top that has been on the design wall for weeks.  Now it is time to put another one up there.  I am not real sure what is going up next but I think it is going to be for the youngest in Jeff's family.  She is now in a regular sized twin bed and I have not made a quilt for that bed.  I have part of it laid out and it is going to be a very simple one for now.

I took the girls to their church activity at 5:30 and then went to Mom's house to see how she was doing.  I had picked her up for church this morning and she looked good, sounded good and was full of smiles.  While I was at her house, I set up her sewing machine so that Carmen can use it and showed Carmen some of the things about the machine.  I got home about 7:00 and relaxed for a bit; I checked emails and Facebook and sent a few notes.  Then I did a little sewing. 


  1. Which top did you finish? Picture, please!

    1. Picture in Monday's blog (Mar. 30) Forgot to include it on this one. I have now made two similar ones for the two little grandsons. They are the same size and style, but a few different fabrics and different layout of the fabrics.