Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10, 2015

I Don't Like the Time Change!
March 10, 2015

Things are just difficult when the time changes each Spring.  In the Fall it is also difficult, but not as bad.  The frustration of getting up when it is pitch black outside when we had just begun to see daylight early in the mornings, if just not fair!  Today, was another very gray, rainy day.  That made it that much darker early in the morning.

I had gone to sleep very early last night and woke at 4:00 this morning with no hope of getting back to sleep.  So I got up and wrote yesterday's blog that I slept through last night.  Then I made Ron's coffee and got him up with a hot cup of coffee at 7:00 and curled up in the recliner and went back to sleep.  This is crazy! 

Thankfully Ron woke me before he left and I got my shower and got ready for work.  I had eaten breakfast at 5:00.  At the office I sent the bookkeeping things to the accountant and then did a little office work.  I also did some sweeping in the showroom.  After I ate my lunch, Ron went out on an errand and then when he got back it was time for me to take Mom to a doctor's appointment.

The doctor was busier today and did not have as much time with her, but he did go over several things and then referred her to a lung specialist to be sure he isn't overlooking something that is causing her to be short of breath.  He wrote refills for a couple of prescriptions and then we headed to the post office just a block or two away so I could mail some things for Mom.  From there we went to the bank so she could cash some checks. 

There is standing water all around from the rains the last two days.  The lawn beside the doctor's office was a couple of inches deep in water.  At the bank, most of the drive through lanes were flooded and the parking lot next door to the bank probably had about 3 inches of water on it.  Everything has had a good soaking.  This spring just gets prettier and prettier.  The mosquitoes will be bigger than ever!

After taking Mom home, I returned to the office and paid some bills.  Ron and I were both working and closing time just passed by and we both kept working.  It was close to 6:00 when I left and came home.  I had to go by the pharmacy before I came home, so I think it was 6:30 when I arrived.  I made tacos for supper and Ron chopped the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.  They were delicious!  I am not sure why they tasted so very good.

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