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March 26 & 27, 2015

Days Seem to Run Together
March 26 & 27, 2015

This lovely hibiscus greeted me to start the day.
With the change of Daylight Savings Time, I think we are supposed to feel like our days are longer.  It is dark when we get up but it is light longer in the evenings.  Somehow, my days seem to just run together, into an endless day.  The mosquitoes are so bad that I can't really get out and enjoy the longer daylight outside.  I have not seen them spraying this area, but maybe they have done it.  If so, I think they just encouraged the nasty little bugs to move to my backyard.  All the water features add to the issue, but everyone is battling them this season.

Thursday I was up early so I could give myself my first allergy shots at home while Ron was still here. Then I need to wait through the 3 hours following the shots when I need to be with my Epi-Pen in case of an allergic reaction.  I could take the pen to the office, but then I must be sure it gets back home, etc.  So we are going to try to do the shots early and I will stay home during the 3 hours I am to have the pen with me.
There are now 8 blooms open on this pot of Amaryllis plants
After Ron left, I did a little sewing on the quilt top in progress and now have the bottom half together in one piece and the top half is in rows.  Another hour and the whole thing should be together.  I just need an hour when I can really focus on what I am doing.

At the office, we had a good day.  Ron sold a large safe we'd had on display for a long time.  We were glad to sell it and the people were glad we had it.  We also had a couple of other good sales and he was out of the office much of the day on jobs.  That is always good.  I spent the day waiting on customers and working on a quilt block.

About 3:30 my sister had been texting me with questions about Mom's medications so I just went to Mom's house so we could get them worked out.   Janet had tried to finish the napkins she was making at Mom's, but ran into trouble with Mom's sewing machine and so I took the five she had not completed to my house and finished them for her.  Shortly after I finished them, she and Mom picked me up so we could take my sister to the airport for her return home.   We hated to see her go, but she is having a big family gathering at her house Sunday.

We said our good-byes and then Mom and I went to Jason's Deli to meet Ron for supper.  We had a good meal and a great visit with a teacher from our church school.  She is a delightful lady and it was good to chat with her.  She and her husband are moving soon and we will hate to see them go.

Following our supper, I took Mom home, but kept her car so I could send mine in for work.  My car needs an inspection, air-conditioning repairs, and a couple of other repairs, so I think it will visit three different repair places next week.  Maybe the inspection can get done Saturday.
 Arriving at the office this Green Parakeet was on the wire behind the shop
 while two were up under the awning over the area where I park. 
Friday morning I tried to get to the office earlier than my normal 10:00 since Ron had that safe to deliver.  Our two oldest grandsons both came to the office for much of the day.  They are always a joy to have around.  They bring us lots of laughs and good conversation.
One of our grandsons checking out a new light fixture.
While the safe was delivered, I waited on customers and cut out some quilt pieces.  I prepared a bank deposit and did some other bookkeeping chores.  After Ron's job was complete I picked up pizza for all of us.  The boys were going to meet the man who helps them with electronics on Fridays, but the train had the road blocked and the round about way to get to the radio station where the man works is not on our grandson's beaten path yet.  He is a new driver and does not know his way around very well yet.  So we enjoyed an extended lunch until the train was out of the way.

During the afternoon I got to the bank and there was a long slow line, so I pulled out my Kindle and continued reading the murder mystery I have been enjoying.  Back at the office after my errand, Ron left on another job and I did some cleaning.
Friday night supper spot
Being Friday night, we met our friends for supper and conversations.  We had a good time back at the Mexican restaurant that we had visited recently and the food was good.  Much of the time we were the only people in there, but maybe that caused sound to "bounce around" and I had some trouble hearing.  Conversations overlapped each other.  Normally the guys have one conversation and the ladies have another.  I finally got a setting on the Cochlear Sound Processor that worked well.

Oh, that reminds me, I had another of those experiences after supper Thursday night where my Sound Processor jumped off my head.  They time, it really jumped off and stuck to the car door as I was getting in the car to drive home.  As I sat down I realized it was dangling from the door.  I had not really felt it leave - scary!  I thought the door had just jarred it, but it yanked it off.

These have been good days, but long, busy and productive.  Now that I am taking the allergy shots, I needed to switch my antihistamines to the evenings instead of mornings.  I don't seem to be sleeping them off by the time I need to get up and they leave me sleepy in the mornings.  I guess I need to take them earlier in the evenings.  Adjustments are always frustrating to me.  I am a creature of habit.

 Sunset on our way home from supper

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