Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Foggy, Misty, Drizzly, Chilly, Gray Day
March 2, 2015

Going to work about noon
The trees are leafing out in a beautiful variety of shades of green.  Each day you can tell a difference in them.  The day started out foggy and misty, and stayed that way all day.  Even as I was coming home this evening it was foggy and misty with a bone chilling cold.  I can take low temperatures without wearing a jacket, until it gets to be cold and wet.  That is a different story.  I don't like cold and wet.
Coming home about 6:15
It would have been a wonderful day to stay home and quilt, but instead, I stayed home most of the morning with a headache.  I think it is a sinus headache, since I am off all antihistamines until after my allergy tests next Monday.  I am back to the roof rattling sneezes that I used to have.  I will be ready to go back on the antihistamines next week and hopefully the allergist is going to be able to help me get some relief from at least some of my allergy problems.
Almost home
My alarm got me up at 6:00.  I showered, dressed and curled up in the recliner and went back to sleep.  Ron didn't wake me and it was 9:15 when I woke up.  I texted him and let him know I would not be there for a while.  I spent time in the yard filling bird feeders, fountains and ponds.  The birds love the huge piece of driftwood that our friends gave to us.  The sparrows use it to hangout on while waiting for their turns at the feeders.

New piece of Driftwood that the birds are enjoying.

Before leaving, I loaded and ran the dishwasher, gathered some fabric to cut for the second quilt I am working on and fixed a lunch to take to the office.  Once I got there, I spent the rest of the day on the end of the month report and printing statements to be mailed.  I got all the posting done and everything went quickly.  I just have to wait for the bank statement in order to get the things ready for the accountant.
This Snowy Egret was too cold to be bothered by me this afternoon when I got home. 
 He was not giving up his spot in the tree to fly away!
It was slow at the office today.  I guess no one wanted to be out in the terrible weather.  We did get some shipments in and so some folks should be in tomorrow to pick up their items.  I got some fabric in the mail that I had ordered on sale and hope to make a quilt for our youngest granddaughter.  It is really an Easter assortment of fabrics and has bunnies, chicks, and pastel spring colors.

After work I stopped by Mom's house and talked to her for a while.  It is so good to see her moving well.  I stayed for about an hour and then came home to fix supper for Ron and me.  I have had the sound processor off all evening hoping to help the headache. 

The quilt group will be meeting tomorrow night.  I have the sewing room about ready, but need to clear the dining table.  How is it that things just find their way on to the dining table?  It is always things that don't belong there.  I guess, I am the one most often guilty of setting things there that go to other rooms.  It is a never ending battle to keep it clear.
This year more than most years, I think everyone is looking forward to Spring.  We are ready for the beautiful greens of the grass and trees and the pastel flowers.  They are all getting watered well!  Mom showed me some new seedlings she had planted.  They will bring forth beautiful flowers before long. 

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