Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 13, 2015

A Beautiful Day!
A Long Day!
March 13, 2015

The trees think Spring is here!

It was so lovely this morning - no wind, nice temperature, no rain.  I left the house a little earlier than usual since I was picking up our oldest grandson to take him to the office with me.  He was not ready when I got there and it was a while before we left for the office.  On the way, I stopped at the office where Mom had x-rays taken a while back and with a letter from her giving them permission to give me the x-rays, I was able to get them in a short time. 

I was funny that when I stopped by the office to get the x-rays yesterday, they needed either Mom or a letter from her allowing me to get them.  I took the letter today but they never asked me for any identification.  So much for security.

While I was inside, my grandson was taking some photos outside.  Then we stopped for ice for the office and as soon as we arrived at the office, Ron left on a job.  When he got back our grandson and I went to Staples to get some supplies.  Back at the office he spent a while on the computer working on ordering business cards and printed supplies for us.  He is a good help these days on the computer.
These first four photos were taken by our oldest grandson.
Our grandson was picked up a little after 2:00 and one of his younger brothers stayed the rest of the afternoon.  We had a good time.  He did some chores and then played a couple of card games on the computer. 

After work, our soon to be 8 year old grandson and I went to pick Mom up at her house and we all went to supper at Jason's Deli. 
 We found this beautiful rose blooming at Mom's
This little guy is not much of an eater usually, but he sure liked what we ordered for  him.  We had a good supper and some good laughs.  I had asked Mom if she wanted to go to Kohl's with us to shop for a shirt for our grandson.  She quickly said she would love to join us.  But about 10 minutes later, she backed out saying she was getting weak. 
As we returned from leaving Mom at home, this amazing 
sunset was happening and we stopped for pictures.

My grandson and I took her home and got her in so she could go to bed.  He and I went to do the promised shopping.  He selected  a Star Wars/Lego shirt and a couple of other things.  He had a good time.  Then I took him home and visited with the family and another family that was there for supper.

After leaving there I returned to Mom's and she had been sleeping.  I took her blood pressure which was a little low and stayed until her housekeeper returned from a church service at her church.  We chatted a while and about 10:30 I headed home.  It was too late when I finished taking care of some things at home to get this blog entry completely written.  I got most of it written last night but have finished it this morning. 
A final view of the sunset - it was a good day!
Oh, as I was getting back in the car after the sunset photos, I was trying to be quick about it since it was a busy street and I had one of those times my sound processor magnet jumped off my head - I guess it got too close to the car door frame and I was trying to get the door shut, not let the processor fall into the street or where it would be crushed in the car door.  I am sure I was a sight!  I managed to strain a muscle as I did it all and hollered and my grandson wanted to know if I was alright as I was between laughing and panicking.  Oh, my.  Never a dull moment!


  1. Maybe they should have implanted a stronger magnet so the processor wouldn't be so prone to jump off! The visual gave me my laugh for the day...I can hear your giggle.

    1. Actually the magnet is on the outside and attaches through the skin to a piece of metal under the skin. Yes there are different strengths on the magnets, but they want you to use the lightest one possible due to a possibility of skin damage over the years from the stronger ones. They think it is normal for it to come loose. I don't!

    2. Saw an episode of Texas Country Reporter about a young man who has an implant and plays plays basketball. He said he wears a headband to keep the processor from falling might try that next time you need to carry an umbrella. However, if you're like me, headbands give me a headache!

    3. I tried a headband at the beach, but it cut down too much of the sound. Also as I recall, it slipped and would jar the sound processor. I think a stronger magnet for games would be fine, but not everyday use.