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March 23, 2015

My Sister Arrives for a Visit With Mom
March 23, 2015

My first Amaryllis bloom opened and measured 9 inches across.

My sister is able to fly down to see our mom often and for that we are all very thankful.  She usually has to fly stand-by, so doesn't know for sure when she will arrive.  She had thought she would arrive late this afternoon, but after checking the flights again, she found she might could get on an earlier flight and she did.

This morning I went to the office about 10:00 still expecting her late in the day.  When I got there I had a message that she would arrive about 12:30.  Ron went to do one job and I did some office work and waited on customers.  Then I was working on a photo book and suddenly realized it was time to leave for the airport.  As I picked up my phone a message popped up to say she had just landed.  Oops!  I needed to hurry.  It turned out to be OK because she had checked a bag which she doesn't usually do.
The hibiscus bushes are in full bloom
Since Mom was not yet expecting her (we thought), we stopped for lunch.  It turned out Mom had never seen the message about the late afternoon and was still going by the thought that she was coming early this morning - an earlier plan.  Once we got to Mom's we unloaded the baggage and after a few minutes, I returned to the office. 
 Ron was out most of the afternoon and I finished the photo book I was working on  and placed my order for it.  Then I paid bills and took care of mail.  I was able to leave the office a few minutes early to go by the post office to mail some things.  I went to Mom's for a family supper. Four of the five youngest grandchildren were already there while my daughter-in-law and one of the boys were at Little League practice and the two oldest boys were at Boy Scouts.
 My sister left to pick up supper at Rudy's for everyone and we had a delicious supper and a great visit.  The grandchildren were all busy and happily playing.  They are growing up so fast but are all so loving and demonstrative of that love toward all adults.  Hugs and kiss abound with that family.  It is so sweet to see them making everyone feel loved.
 My sister, Janet who is here to visit for a few days
At 8:15 I came home exhausted.  Ron arrived home shortly after I did.  He had been busy with a job and then worked on his mother's taxes.  Poor guy has long days, too.  We talked a while and he was glad to hear my mom is doing better.  He had spent time with his mom.  There are times we just go separate ways to each have time with our moms and to meet their needs.  

We are blessed to both still have our moms and to have them in relatively good health.  Ron's mom can't get around well, but is happy to sew and read.  My mom is adjusting to some new limitations but is trying to find new ways to be active without driving.  Some day, she may be able to do that again, but not yet.  She loves to be out and about and will take just about an offer of an outing.  Ron's mom on the other hand does not want to go anywhere.  She just wants to be in her comfortable surroundings at home and welcomes visits.
Our daughter-in-law who leads the busiest life of all of us!
As for my hearing, the supper was really noisy.  The kids were chattering and giggling.  The adult conversations were being drown out by the children.  Our youngest grandson continues to learn "how" to talk to me.  First, it must be in the left ear.  The right one doesn't hear.  But the microphones on the Cochlear Sound Processor are on the top of the ear piece and toward the front.  He hasn't learned he can't whisper to me.  He gets close to my ear and whispers, but he is not close enough to the microphones for them to pick up all that he says.  Whispering to Grandma, just doesn't work well.  Yet, he knows that his Grandma is a push over for his big smile and as he says, I am the Grandma with sugar.  His other Grandmother feeds him a more healthy diet.  I think he would choose to move to my house where there are sweets.  Really, I do set limits, but he pushes them as far as he can.  He is a big eater, but is FULL of energy and burns most of the calories off.

It was another good day - just a very busy one!

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