Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Encountering Other 
Hearing Impaired People
March 30, 2015

Flowers blooming at restaurant where we ate Sunday

Sometimes it is easy to tell that someone has a hearing problem: they ask you to repeat after almost every sentence you speak.  That is a major clue.  This evening I ran into a friend who I don't see often.  This friend goes to our church but sits on the other side of the auditorium.  I see the friend sometimes in the courtyard area of the church during Sunday School and in those cases, we are often the only people around, so it is easy to hear each other.  But this evening, we ran into each other in a very noisy setting and my friend understood very little of what I said.  I recognized the look in my friend's eyes that I often have had in mine over the years as I would try to figure out what might have been said. My friend said, "I have some trouble hearing also."  I noticed.  The friend did not know that I had gone deaf.  It is easy to think everyone knows; but often they don't.
Another lovely, unique plant from the restaurant

Sometimes, a person has learned to lip read after years of difficulty hearing and it can be hard to notice that they are struggling.  Just yesterday we were talking about our son David who as a child had a hearing problem.  My mom commented one day when David was about 4years old, that he only seemed to hear when I yelled at him.  I began experimenting walking up behind him and talking and he did not seem to hear.  Then in front of him I would just mouth the words and not say them aloud and he would get them.  We took him to a specialist and after he got tubes put in his ears, he was hearing before he came out of the recovery room.
Quilt top I finished yesterday
Doctors don't see patients too often and they are thinking of so many other things, they don't often check their hearing.  If someone in your life seems to have to have things repeated, experiment with their situation.  Maybe it is just one ear that is bad.  Try to encourage them to seek professional help.  So many won't go to a specialist because they have heard how expensive hearing aids can be.  Sometimes a simple, inexpensive one can make a lot of difference or can show them what they are missing, making them more willing to spend the money on a good hearing aid.

So much for my advice.  I think that people have heard my story and are aware of Sudden Hearing Loss, but I am finding out that is not the always the case.  If I can ever answer questions for you, don't hesitate to ask.

Close up of a portion of the finished quilt top
This morning started with my allergy shots.  It is funny; I give one shot on the left and one on the right.  I always bruise the left side, but not the right side.  Silly little thing, but I just think in that way - statistics.  So far I have bruised the left side 100% of the time and not bruised the right side 100% of the time.

It was after 10:00 when I got to the office.  I spent time this morning paying bills.  After a late lunch, I worked on a bank deposit and Ron took it to the bank and checked on my car that he had taken in early this morning for some repairs and an oil change.  I had time to make one small quilt block this afternoon at the office.  Little by little I may get enough made to do something fun with them.

After work, I took him to pick up my car and I went to my mom's house to check on her and woke her from a nap.  Then I went to one store at the mall and found myself a new Sunday dress.  It can be an Easter dress, but mostly it will be my Spring and Summer Sunday dress.  It has been MANY years since I have bought a Sunday dress, especially one in a brighter color than the brown and black combination I have in 2 of my 3 current Sunday dresses.

I went to another store for one quick purchase and then picked up supper for Ron and me on my way home.  I had not really expected him to be home yet since he was doing his mom's income tax return, but he was already home.
Quilt blocks I am working on at the office in my spare time

During the evening I talked to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico.  She had some tales to tell about them spotting some Bobcats lately.  We had some good laughs as we chatted.

Today's mail brought a package of fabric I had ordered from my current favorite quilt fabric store, the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  The Shutterfly book I designed and ordered with pictures from Stephen and Kristina's wedding arrived in the same mail delivery.  You wouldn't think it could be a better delivery, but some of our customers had sent checks for work we had done for them, so it was a great mail day!

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