Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 11, 2015

Wet, Wet, Wet
March 11, 2015

After some drought years, we hate to ever complain about rain, but after what seems like weeks of wet weather, we are about to grow webbed feet.  We have had over 3 inches of rain in the last couple of days.  Originally we expected the rain to be gone by last night, but it has stayed all day today.  Things are soaked and water seems to be standing all over town.
Spring break and the playground at the middle school near us is covered in water

I got up at a more reasonable time today and arrived at the office a little after 9:30.  I had stopped by the pharmacy to see about the syringes I had picked up yesterday for my allergy shots.  They were not the size on the prescription.  They were of no real help.  I am still in a quandary about them.

At the office, I worked on helping customers much of the day.  Considering the weather, we had many more customers than expected.  I had found a video I wanted to watch on my computer about a quilt pattern and I restarted it about 7 times before I got through the thing since each time I started, a customer needed my help.  Ron was there, but busy with making keys on a jewelry cabinet. 

Our grandson came about noon and he and I did some cleaning while Ron went on a job for much of the afternoon.  I swept and our grandson mopped.  It was nice to get the floors clean after the rainy days.  My helper worked on filing and business cards for Ron.  He kept busy much of the afternoon.
My drive home
After work, I went by Mom's house and visited for about an hour.  She was doing well and we had a good visit.  Once I got home I spent a few minutes in the yard checking on things.  My amaryllis plants are almost ready to bloom.  One plant has 3 buds on it.  The Mexican Love Vine is blooming.  It had not bloomed the last couple of years. 
One of the ponds is full and over flowing from all the rain

For supper I made a big pot of soup, but it is a little spicy for me.  I ate one bowl and will probably take some for my lunch tomorrow, but it sure opened my sinuses! 

Our son and daughter-in-law in New Mexico called and it was good to talk to them but I had trouble understanding them and finally gave the phone to Ron to let him finish the call.  Our son found out he will be making a trip this summer to present on one of his projects.  That is an honor for him.  We are so proud of him (and all of our wonderful boys!).
One of the hanging baskets the girls and I planted last weekend.  

The plants we put in the logs seem to be water logged!

Our yard man came into the office today to collect and he and I discussed the fact that he was not able to work this week because of all the rain and by next week the yards were going to be tall in grass and weeds.  Later a man from the city parks department came in and we had a similar discussion.  He said they are falling so far behind on  mowing and all the rain will put them further behind.  The rain is a blessing, but it comes with its own set of problems (like mosquitoes!).
The ferns are showing so much new growth. 

We should start drying out tomorrow and then the temperatures should be nice for the next week.  That will be good.  Sometimes after a rain if it gets real hot, the plants just seem to get steamed and die.  I hope they all start growing well after these wonderful showers.

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